How many briquettes do I need



Using the proper number of briquettes is important to ensure that grilled foods are properly cooked. If too few briquettes are used, food may not cook evenly.


To calculate the necessary number of coals, cover the fire grate with an even layer of charcoal briquettes, edges touching-the number of briquettes needed to cover the grate is the number you'll need to get the fire started.


If you're using direct-heat cooking for more than 40 to 50 minutes of cooking time, you will need to add more charcoal. A good rule is to add 5 to 6 briquettes every ½ hour to maintain a constant temperature. Place the briquettes directly on hot coals, spacing them evenly over the existing fire area. If using indirect heat (coals evenly divided), add 5 to 6 briquettes to each side. Never add briquettes that have been pre-treated with lighter fluid to a fire that is already lit. Use regular, non-treated briquettes instead.



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