The Top Way to Protect Fish From Freezer Burn

The Top Way to Protect Fish From Freezer Burn

Best Kept Top Secret and Way for Protecting Fish from Freezer Burn

How many times have you gone fishing, brought home the "big one" and put it in your freezer only to find that two weeks later it had freezer burn? Here's a really simple way to stop freezer burn from happening ever again with fresh fish. We call this our Best Kept Secret For Protecting Fish From Freezer Burn.  I've used this process time and time again and each time it works ensuring that fish stays fresh and ready to use.

Step 1. Remove the scales from the fish. This will aid in the preserving process (Fish must be cleaned inside).

Step 2. If the fish is small enough place it in double bagged plastic sealing bags. Use 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon bags for lots of fish. Double bagging will help protect against sharp fish bones.

Step 3. Fill the bags with enough water to cover the fish completely. Seal the bags and place in the freezer.

Step 4. When ready to use thaw out the fish in the lower section of the refrigerator. Remove fish and rinse off them prepare and cook as normal.

My friend Bill and his Dad would go out fishing on a weekly basis bringing home the "big one" each week.  We always use the quotes because each week they'd tell us about the one that got away.  Especially when no one else was looking.  There was always some magical fish that poked its head out of the water looking them directly in the eye then darting away from their lines.  Or the one that not only slipped their hooks but guide the other fish away from their fishing area as well.  These were always some of the most educated fish we've ever been told about.  But no matter the story the ones they did bring home did not last very long.  After a short while their catch seemed to pile up in their fridge.  Sometimes they would barbecue or grill the fish and ultimately before they could get it to thaw properly the fish would smell terribly.  I asked them why they were not properly storing their fish and they'd always say they were showing me their baggies full of fish placed in the freezer just waiting for freezer burn.  So, I took the time out to share with them this simple process to help them over the years.  All they really needed were some containers and some basic space in their freezer.  Key elements being when fishing you really don't have to bring home every fish on your line especially if you've already got a freezer full of fish.  

After some time and convincing they got onto the path on catch and release.  They still experienced the joy of catching the fish and the methods used to attract them but they also learned how to gauge when they needed to start replenishing their stock pile.  

It wasn't long after they began using the catch and release method that I noticed how their stories began to change.  Their one they got away stories started with "you should have seen the one I caught today".  Believe me these stories are far more enjoyable and easier to listen to.  One thing I've found that was always true in their stories was when they had the chance to grill fish on the spot they always used our Jake's Famous seasonings either the Southwestern Hickory Rub or the Pure Santa Maria Rub.  In the end we were always the benefactors of their fishing trips as they often gave us their overflow and we sold them our dry rub.  

Keep on fishing Bill and Dave!

Sammy and Terry had similar responses with the fish storage process. They tell me how they went about storing their fish the same way as Bill and Dave for many years.  Although they didn't know Bill and Dave they had similar stories catching fish and keeping in stacks in their fridge.  They learned a couple of years later that their process was not working.  They tried many of the steps and processes you find on the internet and from stories their friends told them.  None of the stories and methods ever seemed to work.  It wasn't until they came across our method that they finally had the results they desired,  Their fish finally kept as long as they wanted and they did not have to worry about freezer burn.  End the end they had fish that lasted longer and tasted better.  Use the process and ensure that your fish remains fresher longer today.  

Eric and Justine had the same results and Bill, Dave, Terry and Sammy.  They did a lot of ocean fishing and never were able to keep their fish for long periods of time.  They just naturally assumed that they Captain of the boat was icing the fish just to get it to shore.  They knew to keep the fish in baggies and place it in the freezer but never considered surrounding the fish in ice.  They learned the process on a whim by watching the packing and freezing of large fin Tuna.  They saw how the Tuna was prized and the effort that was taken to ensure the best price for the Tuna by its preservation and overnight shipping to Japan and other places.  They began using the process and couldn't be happier with their results and the way in which their fish remains fresh.  They've learned how best to thaw the fish and preserve that flavor even longer and for that we say great job and thanks.  

Thawed Fish Freezer Burn Free and Seasonings

Once your fish is thawed we like to add the seasoning blend either the Southwestern Hickory Dry Rub or the Pure Santa Maria Dry Rub.  Allow the fish to marinate in the seasoning.  Sometimes we like to use Yellow Mustard to help deliver and rich level of tartness to the fish.  When the fish is marinated for about an hour then you can add the seasoning mix.  Allow the mix to marinate for at least an hour then grill, bake or broil.  This enhances the flavor of the fish and really drives up the overall experience of the meal.  

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