How long to bake chicken on a bbq grill

How long to bake chicken on a bbq grill

Baking Chicken using a BBQ Grill is easy when following these simple steps below.

1. Ensure that your grill reaches a minimum 375-400 degree temperature throughout the cooking cycle.

2. Use the same pans and cooking utensils you would use if cooking in your oven.

3. Make sure you have enough charcoal or gas on hand to cook through the entire cycle.

4. Make sure your grill is clean and clear of debris or anything that would send smoke or dirt into your cooking pot.

For a simple bake chicken we've added a recipe below.

Ingredients for Baking Chicken On a BBQ Grill:

1 Large Chicken, cut up
2 Tablespoons Flour, salt & pepper
1 Cup Jake's BBQ sauce

1. Dredge chicken in flour seasoned with salt and pepper.

2. Put in a buttered 9"x13" baking dish.

3. Check temperature on BBQ Grill.

4. Place baking dish on grill when temperature reaches 375 degrees.

5. Close lid and bake for about 45 minutes, until nicely browned. Check temperature on chicken with meat thermometer ensuring that internal temperature reaches 170 degrees.

6. When temperature is reached coat bake chicken with Jake's Barbeque Sauce and cook for an additional 20 minutes.

7. Once cooked remove from barbecue grill, allow to cool for 5 minutes.


The beauty in the recipe is the ability to use your outdoor barbecue grill in place of your oven.  With your barbecue grill you can add wood smoke and enhance the flavor of the bake chicken two fold.  We know this sounds simple but when you've had a really long day and just want to try something different at dinner time this is the thing you try.  The process doesn't require a whole lot as most homes probably have some form of chicken just waiting in the refrigerator.  So, it's easy to clean and season the chicken in preparation for the baking process.  While we like using our barbecue sauce you can of course use whatever sauce you have on hand and if you don't have sauce you can follow one of our recipes to make your barbecue sauce at home.  

Last week we realized around 2 PM that we really hadn't considered what we were having for dinner.  We knew we had some thawed chicken in the fridge but just didn't have a clue as to what we were going to do with it.  Along comes the idea why not bake the chicken on the barbecue grill rather than do it in the oven.  The weather was warm and there was a light breeze so get the grill going was easy.  In no time at all we had the chicken prepped and ready to go.  We added in Hickory chips along with some grapevine chips we had on hand.  We like the grapevine because it delivers this wonderfully rich aromatic flavor to the meats.  So we followed the steps above and our bake chicken came out wonderfully.  

Along with the bake chicken we like having grilled asparagus that was marinated in olive oil, lime juice and covered with parmesan cheese.  To that we add roasted garlic mashed potatoes that are made fluffy and tasty with kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper.  We like having some toasted garlic bread and a nice salad to top off the meal.  

Give this baking chicken on a BBQ grill recipe a try we'll sure you'll enjoy it.  


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