Chilean Sea Bass Grill Recipe

Chilean Sea Bass Grill Recipe


Jake's Chilean Sea Bass grill is a delightful offering of light flaky white fish. 

This special recipe comes by way of one of our loyal supporters with adjustments by yours truly. 

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Clean and pat dry Chilean Sea Bass. Coat with Butter all sides. Cover with Jake's Santa Barbara Smoked Seafood Seasoning and White Pepper. Place Sea Bass on foil wrap and place on cooking sheet. Put Sea Bass in oven and cook approximately 20 minutes until Sea Bass is firm and flaky. When cooked through remove and garnish with lemon wedge and parsley sprigs.


Southwestern Styled Chilean Sea Bass

When made right Chilean Sea Bass is one of the most awesome fish dishes made on earth.  Sure there's Salmon and Snapper and Mahi Mahi and all the others but for pure flaky firm fish this is one of the most original and best tasting ever.  I created this recipe after traveling to three different high end restaurants.  If I mentioned the names I'm sure you'd recognize them.  They are located in New York, Hong Kong and California and each is spectacular in their presentation of food in general.  In fact two of them have the coveted Michelin star a testament to their quality and level of service to the customer.  And yet we did not create the recipe until an outing at a restaurant that was less than stellar although their ratings indicated an expectation of quality rivaled to match the restaurants with Michelin stars.  Needless to say we were disappointed with the food, the quality and the overall experience. 

A friend once told me when you can't get what you want you make it yourself.  And so we set out to create a simple recipe for Chilean Sea Bass based on the use of our Southwestern Hickory Rub seasonings.  We tried many, many forms and at one point thought about giving up the whole challenge altogether.  But in time we learned that with disappointment comes learning and with learning comes results.  The lesson we learned is that we were trying to do something we'd already done.  That was making a seasoning blend for fish that already existed within our staple of seasonings.  We found that our Southwestern Hickory Rub seasonings contain all the ingredients that drive up the flavor of the fish not only enhancing but marinating the dish.  At the very essence of the seasonings is Hungarian Paprika, smoky, rich, subtle and tasty against a backdrop of New Mexico chili powder, Garlic, palate expanding onion powder, a blend of coarse ground black pepper and hints of golden brown sugar all focused to envelope the fish in a surrounding of flavor and natural goodness to rival every fish dish ever made.  

The execution of the dish is simple by way of addition.  Shake on the seasonings and allow them to rest thoroughly while preparing the grill or your stovetop.  Just before bringing the fish to the grill seasoning with White Pepper and let rest a few minutes more.  Then melt the butter in a good sized pan until the butter foams then slowly place the fish in the center of the pan.  Cook until the fish is flaky on one side and turn over to finish the cooking process.  Once done remove the fish and place on a drainable surface for two minutes then serve with garnish and any condiments.  

This is a simple dish that requires minimal attention and yields amazing results.  Give this awesome dish a try as soon as you can.  


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