Crusty Chicken Thigh Recipe Easy and Fast

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Crusty Chicken Thigh Recipe

Crusty Chicken Thigh Recipe


Full of flavor making a sumptuous meal these Chicken thighs recipes are both quick and easy to cook.



Start with 4 Chicken thighs approximately 7 Oz is weight. Wash the thighs thoroughly and trim off any excess fat if needed. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after so as not to spread any potential germs or salmonella virus. Cut along each side of the thigh bone to expose the inner meat portion. Cutting this section allows the meat to cook faster with a more even color.


Turn each thigh with the skin side down and place in a nice sized non-stick pan on medium high heat. Sprinkle Jake's Pure Santa Maria, Tri-Tip, Santa Barbara, Chipotle or California Grilling Blend Dry rub on the up side of the chicken, enough to cover evenly. Cook the chicken between 16 and 18 minutes on the skin side. Shake the pan every 4 or 5 minutes to ensure that the barbecue chicken recipe grill thighs is not sticking. What we are looking for is nicely crusted skin without burning. Once the chicken is cooking about 4 minutes in move the pan to low heat and cover. Continue cooking for 16-18 minutes covered.


After 16-18 minutes remove the cover and check for doneness using a knife point or a thermometer. The chicken should achieve a minimum temperature of 165-170 degrees before removing. Once done remove chicken and place in container for holding.


At this point you can grill some Portobella mushrooms, make a Caesar salad or bake/microwave potatoes to join the chicken.


Once completed serve chicken and salad, potatoes or mushrooms together.

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