Pure Santa Maria Dry Rub 30 Oz

Pure Santa Maria Dry Rub 30 Oz

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Experience a real Santa Maria-style grilling tradition with Jake’s Famous Dry Rub. Our Santa Maria BBQ rub is designed to produce the tastiest, juiciest, and most flavorful steaks, hamburger patties, lamb chops, and beef ribs. Signature Santa Maria Style Blend. With a unique blend of simple grilling spices and seasonings, Jake’s Famous Santa Maria seasoning focuses on a purist approach. Its key ingredients aim to naturally enhance the meat’s existing flavor with rich, bold, full size granules of garlic, pepper, and smoked kosher salt for just the right amount of smokiness. Made With Natural Ingredients Gluten Free.

Our dry meat rub and poultry blend herbs fresh consists of only natural herbs and spices, expertly blended to perfection without the use of artificial flavors or preservatives. It has no MSG, trans fat, gluten, or sugar which makes it a perfect salmon rub. An All-Around Grilling Partner. This Santa Maria style BBQ rub will boldly enrich the taste and texture of your favorite meat. It’s a versatile rub that you can use to season a variety of meats such as tri-tip, steak, steak grill,ribs,organic grass-fed beef, hamburger meat patties, chicken, chicken burgers, lamb chops, carne asada, duck meat or prime rib. Easy To Use. This barbecue seasoning permeates easily into meats.

Spoon or sprinkle it over and let the meat rest for 45 minutes before cooking. With Jake’s Famous dry rub seasoning, bbq spices and rubs gift set, you can spend more time enjoying your food and less time preparing it. Get a taste of the most flavorful barbecue with Jake’s Famous Santa Maria Dry Rub.

Pure Santa Maria Seasoning and Tri-Tip Rub, delicious and satisfying spices and seasonings in easy to use shake and sift container.


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