Tri-Tip Roast What is It and How to Know

Tri-Tip Roast What is It and How to Know


The Tri-Tip roast is often labeled the "Santa Maria steak". Although especially popular in California - it is now becoming to be better known in other states as well, and is thus increasing its popularity. Tri-Tip is a lean, boneless, economical cut of meat from the round and bottom sirloin of the cattle. It is great grilled, or marinated and then grilled.

Origins of Tri Tip Roast

In the United States, this cut was typically used for ground beef or sliced into steaks until the late 1950s when it became a local specialty in Santa Maria, California, rubbed with salt, pepper, and other seasonings, cooked over red oak wood and roasted whole on as rotisserie, smoked in a pit, grilled, or braised by putting a pot on top of a grill, browning the meat directly on the grill. It is primarily called "triangular" roast because of its typical shape.

Tri-tip roasts will vary from 1 1/2 to 2 pounds and are about two inches thick. If a roast is cooked to rare in the center, the thinner outside edges are medium to well, offering perfectly cooked beef for every taste.

The tri-tip can be cooked whole or cut into one-inch thick steaks or strips. When the meat is cut into one-eighth inch strips, it can be used for stir-fry recipes and fajitas. If it is cut into one-fourth inch thick strips, weave the meat onto skewers and quickly broil or grill.

It is much easier to cut the Tri-Tip roast into 1/4 inch strips if you place the tri-tip in your freezer for approximately 1 hour before you cut the meat.

Tri Tip is what we call in the Santa Maria region a "wonder meat. Primarily because we wonder why it has taken so long for the wonder cut of meat to become recognized. On the other hand we like the fact that it has not received its due recognition because with less awareness means a lower price at the meat counter. About 10 years ago Tri Tip was selling at the rate of about 40 cents a pound. Now, a good tri tip at about 4 pounds will easily cost you $25.00 at Costco! Well there are a number of locations which not only butcher the cut but manage to season and grill it in the right way to make it tasty. We hope that you will take the opportunity to view our recipes and information on the proper grilling of this "wonder meat" and also the proper sides. Once you've had to the opportunity to try it or grill it you'll find out just how versatile and tasty the meat remains...or maybe not which would be alright with us in the region.

Seasoning Tri Tip Roast

When properly seasoned Tri-Tip roast will be one of the best tasting cuts of meat you have ever had at a very reasonable price.

When we say "Would you know a tri-tip roast if you saw one" what we actually mean is that we want you to see our chart to determine where Tri-Tip is actually found.

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