Swedish Meatballs in Maple Bourbon Recipe

Swedish Meatballs in Maple Bourbon Recipe


BBQ Marinated Swedish Meatballs in Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce 

This is an absolutely fantastic Hors d' oeurves and an everyday simple but elegant meal for dinner.

Follow these simple steps to achieve the level of quality I use in my daily meals



We found that using Turkey meatballs presents the best opportunity to showcase the flavor of this all natural BBQ Sauce. Simply thaw meatballs if necessary to room temperature. Drain any excess water from the bag. Pour 1-1/2 jars of Jake's Jake's Famous Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce into the Crock Pot and turn to high. Let BBQ sauce cook for at least 30 minutes. While BBQ Sauce is warming the meatballs are thawing to room temperature. Pour meatballs into warmed BBQ Sauce and stir in covering the meatballs completely.

Let meatballs cook in the Crock Pot for 45 minutes until BBQ Sauce is completely marinated into the meatballs. Reduce temperature to Medium for 5 minutes. Serve. The remaining BBQ Sauce can be served as a separate dipping dish after it has been warmed for two minutes. 

You will find that the flavor of the BBQ Sauce completely permeates the Swedish meatballs and the rich texture of the Swedish meatballs is absolutely amazing as an appetizer or dinner meal.

Besides the Swedish meatballs the cooking of the BBQ Sauce leaves a wonderful aroma that can be enjoyed over an over again throughout your home.

Swedish Meatballs and Customer Feedback

This may seem as a simple one or two step meal but it is more complex in nature than most would think.  While this may not be a true "Swedish" meal it is a true representation of a Swedish favorite.  I've traveled to Europe, Norway and Sweden and the meal is exactly the type they would have in those countries.  But this is a favorite for the time pressed woman or man who needs something quick to serve up to the hungry friends and family.  The meal is easy to make in that it uses our barbecue sauce combined with Turkey meatballs to carry the sauce and the flavor.  The crock pot is practically a requirement as it allows the flavors to steep in the container over the tender meatballs.  

This is also a meal I use when we do demos for potential customers at retail locations.  The meal takes about 25 minutes to effectively warm and pick up the flavors of the sauce.  The texture of the meat is awesome and rich.  I find that my potential customers truly enjoy the meatballs.  So many commented on the samples that I gave out recipe cards to help the customers.  This also helped in our sales of barbecue sauce.  So, overall we each benefited in the process.  

Sometimes I will layer the meatballs over Al dente pasta and Kohlrabi and sometimes I will layer the meatballs over fluffy white rice.  No matter the addition you use the results will always be enjoyable.  


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