Rib Eye Smoked Steak Recipe Exceptional

Rib Eye Smoked Steak Recipe Exceptional


Smoking Rib Eye Steak Grill Recipe brings the wonders of your home smoker into one fantastic meal...


Clean and wash your steaks. Pat dry to remove any debris. Prepare steaks by placing on 2 long strips of aluminum foil on a cutting board. Place 1 steak on the foil and coat generously with yellow mustard and let rest for 30 minutes. The yellow mustard acts to help tenderize the meat by breaking down the muscle fibers. The mustard speeds up the time to smoke while allowing ample time for the spices and seasonings to enter the steaks. After resting the steaks coat generously with Jake's Tri-Tip, Steak and Rib Rub. Wrap steaks with aluminum foil and place in cool, dry location in refrigerator. Prepare smoker so that steaks slow smoke at a temperature of 225 degrees. 

Hold the BBQ rub steaks aside until the smoker is ready and the premium temperature reached at least 1 hour.


Hang the steaks on smoker hooks or place the steaks on the smoker grate and allow them to smoke until done. A great steak is done medium well when the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees. At that temperature the steak will continue to cook while resting.

Once the steak is rested remove and serve.

This delicious steak rub recipe is a real crowd pleaser! 

Rib Eye Smoked Steak Recipe Exceptional Notes from Jake:

The process of smoking is fairly simple in the requirements necessary to create the smoke.  Most think you need some elaborate process to collect the wood and large heat source to produce the smoke.  If you've ever seen a house fire you know just how quickly wood can be set a blaze and the result smoke surround the wood that caught fire.  In the smoking process we use a controlled application of the house fire method.  We can produce the smoke two ways either by soaking the smoking wood to slow down the burn on the wood or to burn the wood directly.  Because we will need the high heat application for the steaks we will most certainly want to soak the wood for approximately 20 minutes.  Once the charcoals or gas grill is going and at temperature lay the wood directly on the charcoal.  Within minutes the wood will begin to smoke and at a level that can be used when the steaks are put on the grill. 

For a gas application you can place dry wood chips into foil that has been layered over.  You'll want to poke a few holes in the top of the foil only.  The top holes will allow the smoke to exit the foil and surround the steak and the grill.  The greater the level of available smoke the greater the taste on the meat.  Some newer gas units come with a tray contained with the grill for smoking.  For my weber I actually have a small metal box that small shavings can be placed within and used in the process. I tend to prefer a greater amount of smoke than that produced by the box so you'll actually see some chunks in my grill. 

As for the amount of smoke or size of chunks necessary to produce good smoke you'll want approximately 5 Ounces.  It's hard to imagine that 5 ounces will be enough but if you consider the timeframe necessary to grill your item you'll find that 5 Ounces might be more than you need.  


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