BBQ Ribs How To Make our Secret Recipe With Best BBQ Sauce

BBQ Ribs How To Make our Secret Recipe With Best BBQ Sauce


The process of making Barbecue is fairly easy when you read and prepare beforehand. We've put together some helpful and considered secret simplified steps we believe will help you achieve the rib success you desire. Follow these steps to learn how easy it is to grill BBQ ribs.

Beef Barbecue ribs are meaty and long and come in slabs of six or seven ribs. Beef short ribs are the tips of the fattest part of the rib and are located above the the area of the cow known as the plate. Pork spareribs are cut from the underbelly of the pig and are fatty and flavorful. Pork baby back ribs are a popular cut that comes from the loin and are tender and meatier than Pork spareribs.

Prepare the Barbecue Ribs

There are a couple of methods for flavoring ribs prior to barbecuing on the grill. Before you add seasoning, be sure to remove the silvery membrane that runs along the bone-side of the Barbeque ribs. The membrane is like a fibrous skin that will block the flavor of spices and marinades from penetrating the meat. If you aren't comfortable trimming it yourself, ask your butcher to remove the membrane for you.

Having prepared the ribs by removing the membrane along with washing and drying the meat it's time to focuson seasoning and cooking.

Best BBQ Rubs

Best BBQ Dry rubs use a combination of herbs and spices to impart an added level of flavor to Barbeque ribs. Jake's provides a wonderful set of Barbecue dry rubs that make grilling ribs simple and easy. The steps to grilling ribs with dry rub are as follows.

  • 1. Place the BBQ ribs on a large platter or tray.
  • 2. Coat the ribs with the Barbecue rub, cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and refrigerate for 1 - 3 hours.

Once ribs have marinated in BBQ BBQ rub, remove and place on the grill. During the cooking process either when using barbecue sauce or BBQ rubs ribs should be turned. Turning will aid in cooking the BBQ ribs all the way through on both sides. 

Once done, remove and set aside for 10 to 20 minutes, the resting process will allow the continue cooking fot the ribs to slow firming up the meat for serving.

Now that you've learned How to Barbecue ribs why not take a look at the barbecue sauce.

Also take a look at our dry rubs used at Jake's Famous Foods to enhance the flavor of these meats.

Here's a direct listing of 5 of our best barbecue rubs for your purchase. See the links and get these special bbq dry rubs today.

Tri-Tip Steak and Rib Rub

Awesome Carolina Rub

Santa Maria Dry Rub

Memphis Dry Rub

Southwestern Hickory Rub

And enjoy our Best BBQ Sauce to compliment your ribs, chicken or steaks.  

Medium Hot Barbecue Sauce

Really Hot Barbecue Sauce

Maple Bourbon Barbecue Sauce

Memphis Blues Barbecue Sauce

Asian Style Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

Sriracha Ketchup Spicy Sauce

Really Good Mild Barbecue Sauce


Jake's Famous BBQ Rub for Ribs combined with Jake's natural Best BBQ Sauce makes the perfect combination for your Barbecue. Jake's Special Discount program is available at purchase:

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