Püre Santa Maria Dry Rub Sale 5 Oz 20% OFF
Püre Santa Maria Dry Rub Sale 5 Oz 20% OFF
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Details: Pure Santa Maria Dry Rub Sale 5 Oz 2 Pack 20% OFF

Pure Santa Maria Dry Rub Sale 5 Oz 2 Pack 20% OFF

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IN STOCK: Jake’s Purest blend All Natural Santa Maria Tri Tip Rub Special


Can you say Tri Tip, steaks and roasts? Well you will when you discover how wonderful these Pure Santa Maria Dry Rub spices and seasonings can be on your best tri tip.  Born on the West Coast California this simple ingredient recipe has been and continues to be a long standing regional favorite.  Imagine true redwood oak smoke and chuck wagon grills raising and lowering richly seasoned Tri-Tip roasts with Texas sized garlic bread and ranch style beans.  It doesn't get much better than that and these all natural spices and seasonings will make sure you remember it.  

Easy to use and easy to apply hand selected blends of coarse grain Garlic, Black Pepper and Smoked Kosher Salt complemented with natural Parsley and rich hints of Onion and Mustard to bring it all home with this award winning dry rub flavor.  Don't forget the napkins when you make the tastiest, juiciest, rich and flavorful Tri-Tips, steaks, ribs and more.

Thinking about having Tri Tip but you don't have access to a grill...no problem. Jake's Famous Pure Santa Maria Tri Tip Dry Rub for Tri Tip will work wonders in the oven.  Tri Tip will come out nice and moist with just the right amount of caramelizing.  The steps are simple and included here.  Just select your Tri Tip along with Jake's Famous Pure Santa Maria Tri Tip Rub.  To achieve maximum flavor it's a good idea to properly address your Tri Tip.  Meaning the best Tri Tips have the extra fat removed to a reasonable level around the meat.  The best way to do this is after the Tri Tip has been properly cleaned and patted dry. By grasping an edge of the fat and running a sharp knife under the membrane of fat to remove a reasonable amount.  Reasonable means having some fat remain on the meat so that when it cooks the fat is melted and driven back into the meat to make it juicy and tasty.  Some say that it's best to remove the fat and any membrane while it's cold I like doing it just after cleaning as the fat and membrane is more pliable. Once the fat and membrane is removed rub the Tri Tip generously with the standard yellow mustard.  Let the Tri Tip rest in the mustard at a minimum 1 hour and if possible overnight.  Following the resting period apply Jake's Famous Pure Santa Maria Tri Tip Dry Rub and wrap with foil.  Let the ribs rest in the foil for about an hour.  Set your oven to 275 degrees.  While the oven is reaching temperature set the Tri Tip on the counter so that they come to room temperature.  Place the Tri Tip in foil in a metal baking pan.  Cook for about two hours checking the temperature after the first hour.  If the meat is cooking too quickly turn the temperature down to 250 degrees, if the temperature seems too low turn it up by 10 degrees and check the temperature in about 15 minutes.  Tri Tip is a roast and therefore will react similarly to steak and cooking temperature.  We want the tri tip to be juicy and flavorful.  The best temperatures for Tri Tip are around 130 degrees which is Medium to Medium Well.  If you like less redness in the meat then a temperature around 140 degrees will deliver the desired results.  Once your temperature is achieved remove from the oven in the foil.  Let the meat rest at least 30 minutes in the foil.  In the meantime make a salad or baked potato or other item to use up the waiting time. 

After the Tri Tip has rested place it on a cutting board and slice in 1/4 inch thick slices across the grain of the meat.  Cutting with the grain will produce a higher chew requirement so across the grain is best.  Serve with the salad, baked potato or grilled vegetables.


Suggested Uses: Tri-Tip, hamburgers, steaks, ribs, chops, eggs, and as a general table seasoning.


Here's what people are saying about Jake's Pure Santa Maria Tri Tip Rub:


Pepper Mason wrote: "Great Santa Maria style rub from Jake. I lived in Santa Maria for 15 years and you really can't get a better original tri tip rub or as we say here Santa Maria Style rub than Jake's Pure Santa Maria. I like that he uses the large chips of garlic and smoked kosher salt along with coarse black pepper. Really excellent."


G. Dixon wrote: " "I was camping when a friend pulled out your Tri-Tip Rub for Steaks. That is by far the best rub I have ever tasted."


Jeanne G. (2017) wrote:

"Dear Jake:

Your "Jake's famous PURE SANTA MARIA DRY RUB" is now our favorite rub for all my meats, whether I barbecue or use my oven to prepare.

PURE SANTA MARIA DRY RUB favors our meats as no other dry rub ever has! The natural ingredients you combine to make this rub enhances the flavors in the meats to make my dinners a huge success for our family and friends.

I love to prepare dinners and want the best for my family and friends, and Jake's famous PURE SANTA MARIA DRY RUB is my special ingredient for a successful dinner.

Thank you, Jake, for creating this product for all to enjoy."

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