Why Buy A Dry Rub If A Sauce Works Just As Well


A few thoughts from our expert dry rub creator:


A dry rub is made of a blend of dry spices and salt that can be worked into the meat. They are generally rubbed or shaken on meats before cooking and help to form a crust that contains tremendous flavor. It is called "dry rub" as it is used in place of a liquid marinade for meat. For meat that is better without added liquid or moisture, dry rub is recommended as a way to keep the texture at the right level.


Sauces and Dry Rubs serve completely different purposes. Barbecue sauce is made of typically pureed ingredients, tomatoes, molasses, honey, chili pepper. Sauces can be applied before, during or after grilling. A sauce can be used at the dinner table, at work, in the kitchen and almost anywhere as a dip and so on. Dry rubs, depending on the type of rub works a little differently. A Dry rub is generally applied to a meat and allowed to rest for a period of time. Dry Rubs can be shaken into things like scrambled eggs or potatoes, on French fries and popcorn and so on. However, when using dry rub with meat you generally want to impart the flavor when it's grilled and when it's tasted. It is not as convenient on a usage level as barbecue sauce. But when you want to impart a deep, full flavor to the meat without all the liquid blends which can sometimes mask the flavor of the meat, dry rub is definitely the way.


In the food of the Southern United States, dry rub is often used on grilled or barbequed meats. Dry rubbed ribs are a popular dish, but steaks, hamburgers or pork chops are also given flavor through a spice rub. Most typical Southern style spice rubs include chili and cayenne pepper, garlic and onion powder, salt and black pepper, paprika and dry mustard. Although the quantities of hot ingredients can be adjusted, this is an extremely spicy mix and adds a powerful kick to meat.


To use dry rubs, allow the meat to refrigerate for at least an hour before cooking. Some chefs recommend letting the spices soak into the meat overnight, but be sure to adequately refrigerate the meat to prevent spoilage. Grill as usual without adding any additional marinade.


Jake's dry rubs are perfect for outdoor cooking (grilling, barbequing & smoking), but they can also be used for baking, broiling, pan frying, etc. Our dry rub seasonings are blended with all natural ingredients in small batches to preserve freshness and never use any MSG or artificial colors or additives.


When searching for dry rub seasonings always check the amount of salt contained which will tell you if you're being overcharged for the cheapest ingredient that can be bought. Also check to see that the label shows no artificial ingredients or additives. Last but not least make sure your rub has the RighteousTM Brand trademark to ensure that you're getting the best quality dry rub seasonings money can buy.


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