What Is The Best BBQ Rub For Your Pork


Pork Rubs have been around for years and years. The first initial rubs consisted of simple sea salt and black pepper. Then later combined with ground and powdered garlic to enhance the flavor of the meat as well as entice the taste buds. A pork rub may or may not be designed specifically for pork meats. Many Pork rubs have the ability and versatility to be used on fish, chicken and a myriad of beef products. Jake's developed its first dry rubs for ribs and tri tip as pork rubs known by the brand name as Righteous Rubs sold by the label name Tri-Tip, Steak and Rib Rub. A typical dry rub will improve and enhance the natural flavor of the meat acting more as a compliment rather a colorant or driver that causes the natural flavor of the meat to change. When considering pork rubs think about these factors that affect your choice. 

1. The type of pork you intend to marinate and flavor you want when cooked.

2. The ingredients used to make the pork rub, natural or not, preservatives or not.

3. The salt content used in making the dry rub. Salt will tend to distort the flavor while preserving the meat also affecting your health and appetite.

4. The flavor you want to impart in the pork rub, sweet, salty, savory. 

5. Will the pork rub be absorbed, remain on the outer surface of the meat or permeate deeply.

All in all a great pork rub will allow the meat to be naturally flavored and enhanced. The perfect pork rub will permeate the meat effectively, will taste wonderfully, and will be low in sodium so that it doesn't drive up your blood pressure.

Jake's has been making wonderful, all natural full flavored dry rubs for pork, steak, chicken, fish, and more for years. Below we've listed just a few of the dry rubs we consider perfect matches for pork. Just click on the dry rub title to be taken to the rub page listed. 

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