What is Barbecue Feng Shui


More than any other element placement is key.....


Over the years I have the pleasure to travel to all 4 corners of the earth, and in that time I've come to firmly believe in contained energy in plants, trees, objects, certainly in thoughts and so on. I mention this because having done so many barbecues and catering events as well as food shows one subtle indication of success has always been the feeling that our departing guests were left with. High energy, boisterous guests leaving all felt the event was a success. Low energy, kind and thankful guests although polite failed to see why such an event was even held. It wasn't until about 4 years in that I began to realize the effects of color, sound, lighting and placement that affected the sentiments of our guests and even inspired the engagement of business from food shows.


So, over the next few months as we enter the winter period I'll capture information and thoughts on the Feng Shui of Barbecue. This first set may seem cryptic but given thought I'm sure you'll see its value.


Barbecue Feng Shui and the Barbecue Process

Choosing a good location for a barbecue is mainly a matter of common sense. The north-west of the garden, or corner of your terrace/apartment decking, next to your neighbor's fence where the south-west wind blows the smoke straight towards their kitchen window, is not a sensible choice. Barbecues are often positioned near a wall, but it is far better to position the cooking grid where the cook faces into the patio or terrace and is able to join in the party. Green is the best color for a portable barbecue as black and blue represent overly calming influences where red will act as a strong stimulant.


Why is color so important? Ever eaten at a McDonalds, or Burger King or Wendy's, KFC or other fast food restaurants? Notice the colors, typically red, yellow, and white. These organizations many years ago hired professionals to research the effects of color on appetite and they found that these three colors in combination actually stimulated the customers' hunger center causing them to buy more than originally planned. The colors also held the opposite effects in that while customers would be driven to purchase they would not feel compelled to stay in the locations for a long period of time....thus the turnover effect. Typically, restaurants that want you to stay for long periods are bathed in dark colors, woods, and rich creamy beige, white linens and subdued yellows. These locations look to keep you for longer periods hoping that these calming, comforting colors will lull your mind at ease while you spend more on the meal. So, is color important around the home...YES!



For settings which involve more than four people, tables and chairs should be chosen according to their function. Square tables are containing, and a small square table by our favorite chair in a quiet spot may tend to keep us from joining into the fun. Round tables make for lively discussion but do not contain people for long. Rectangular tables with rounded ends are a common shape for garden furniture and are useful for summer lunch parties, although those seated at either end may sometimes feel left out. Octagonal tables are excellent because they are an auspicious shape and each person can communicate with everyone else around the table.


Feng Shui the final solution

This is the first in the Barbecue Feng Shui series, I hope you liked the information, if you have ideas or topics you want covered let us know.



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