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Ways to cook fish on the grill

Ways to cook fish on the grill


These steps have always served me well when cooking fish on the grill.


Keep in mind some basics like the type of fish and the heat of your grill along with grill surface preparation and everything will work out well.


Step 1. Wash fish fillets with cool water and pat dry with paper towels. Lay fillets flat in a baking pan or dish or on foil wrap. If using dry rub coat the fish lightly with olive oil and shake on the dry rub. If using a liquid dressing or marinade, pour on the dressing or marinade over the fish fillets and turn them over a few times to distribute evenly. Cover and let sit for 30 minutes.


Step 2. Start your grill be it gas or charcoal grill while the fish marinates. On a gas grill turn the knobs to high and close the lid to burn off excess grease from previous grilling. After 10 minutes turn the grill knobs to medium-high or almost high. On a charcoal grill let the charcoal burn down to an even gray ash appearance then place the lid on for 10 minutes.


Step 3. Brush oil on the grill rack to prevent the fish from sticking to the metal. You can use vegetable or olive oil. Do not use a spray against the flame if using a gas grill.


Step 4. Place fillets on the grill (5 inches or so from flames) for 5 minutes per side to sear the fish.


Step 5. Remove fish from the direct heat source (place near the sides of the grill) and cook fish on the grill indirectly for about 15 total minutes. As gas grills vary in temperature control, be sure the check the fish before removing from the grill. Make sure it is cooked through and flaky but not dry. The same rules apply for charcoal grills. Often times the charcoal will burn down faster than planned requiring the movement of the fish to a hotter part of the grill. Or conversely if the coals have not burned down enough they will overheat requiring movement of the fish away from the heat.


Step 6. When cooked remove the fillets and set on a platter. Depending on the type of fish you can serve as cooked or grate fresh Parmesan and sprinkle the cheese over the fish. You can also serve fish with a light salad or broiled potatoes.



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