Tri Tip Style BBQ Rub Homemade Recipes

Tri Tip Rub and Pork Recipes

Tri-Tip recipes and Tri Tip Rub for true cuts of Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip Barbecue were first made famous with Top Round Sirloin. The Elks Club of Santa Maria, California many, many years ago popularized a unique cut known as Tri-Tip. The not highly prized cut was flavorful and easy to cook which was mostly sold for soups. However with the advent of dry rubs and spices this once lowly cut is now a mainstay in most Central California barbecues. 

To help with your prized Tri Tip we've included our ready to use, Pure Santa Maria Tri-Tip BBQ Rub and our Jake's Tri-Tip, Rib and Steak Rub. Get our Traditional Pure Santa Maria Tri-Tip Dry Rub recipe blend or use our list of tri tip rub recipes in our recipe pages. 

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