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Peppercorn Encrusted Salmon with Ginger Basil Sauce Recipe

  Encrusted Peppercorn Salmon treat with creamy Ginger, Basil Lime Sauce. Ingredients Jakes Famous Salmon with Ginger Basil Sauce Recipe 6 Salmon fillets 4 Tb Crushed assorted peppercorns 3 Tb Jake's Tri-Tip Dry Rub 2 Shallots; chopped 1 Tb Fresh ginger; chopped 2 Tb Pickled ginger 1 Tb Jake's Basil Lime Marinade Soy sauce to taste 2 Cloves garlic; chopped 2 Tsp Olive oil 1 1/2 Cup White wine 1 1/2 Cup Unsalted butter ... more info
Mushroom Steak Sauce Recipe

  Great steaks deserve a great sauce. We have collected two great Mushroom Steak Sauce recipes we've enjoyed over and over again.  We hope you enjoy these as well.  Our first mushroom steak sauce recipe adds complex flavors is easy to make and very tasty with subtle hints of honey. It blends together well and coats our steaks very nicely.  I use this steak sauce often and share this recipe with my friends and ... more info
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