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Roasted Chicken in Kiwi Lime Asian Demi Glace Recipe

  Achieve chicken perfection with this elegant, Kiwi Lime gourmet roasted chicken.  A very well known LA restaurant chef and I developed this recipe. These ingredients combine to deliver an exceptionally high class meal with some very everyday foods and spices like chicken, black pepper, brown sugar and more. Try this recipe for the family or some special friends they will be impressed. We have added three recipes ... more info
Rib Rub Righteous Steak Recipe

  Steaks made tender and juicy, that no one can resist in 45 minutes or less. Consider the joy and satisfaction one can bring to any occasion with perfectly grilled barbecue dry rub steaks. Now you can have that wonderful feeling of joy and satisfaction in no time at all with Jake's Righteous Tri-Tip, Steak and Rib Rub. Making a great rib eye, porterhouse or filet mignon is no more effort than buying the meat, ... more info
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