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How long do I grill pork chops On BBQ

  Making Chops on the Grill Pork Chops are excellent for grilling. Our steps here teach you how long to grill pork chops every time. Steps: When chops are seasoned let them come to room temperature for no more than five minutes. If chops need to thawed before cooking make sure that is done in the refrigerator overnight especially if frozen. 1. Choose your grill pork chops, boneless or with bone, that are about one inch thick. If ... more info
How do you dispose of Charcoal When Finished

  How do you dispose of Charcoal When it is Finished. This seems like a simple question for most but when you think about it, it is quite critical. Most people just assume that you wait until the charcoal is burned through then you just throw it in the trash to clear your grill. If you live in an apartment complex or have to leave suddenly from a park or campground there are a number of ways to put out the charcoal before leaving. Never ... more info
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