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Wood Chips for BBQ Smoking

  Cooking with wood chips has been a favorite with BBQ chefs since the first fire. In recent times we have become so sophisticated with our tastes and techniques that cooking with wood has become an art. Many individuals refuse to cook with propane or natural gas for fear of losing the flavor of the wood in the barbeque. Others will only cook with gas stating they can achieve the flavor of the wood by utilizing techniques we will discuss ... more info
When Is the Best Time To Put BBQ Sauce To Steak

  Want steak with bbq sauce then you'll need to know what so many want to know . How do you know When to put Barbecue Sauce on Steak? The question seems simple enough...but wait there's more. When to put  Barbecue Sauce on Steak is a deep abiding question that requires further investigation as well as How To Use BBQ Sauce on Steak.   Most of the experts I talk to in the BBQ biz who have made hundreds of ... more info
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