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BBQ Meat Smoking Does it Really Work?

  Recently we set out on a journey of exploration, a journey focused on one key factor: Does Low and Slow BBQ Meat Smoking Really Work? And when we say work we mean in our very own Weber BBQ Grill with Pork Ribs, natural Best BBQ rubs and copious amount of wood for smoking. Now over the past few months we’ve read just about as many books and articles as there are days in the month on smoking, we’ve seen videos, listened to ... more info
What Barbecue Sauce To Put On Steak or Beef

  What barbecue sauce to put on Beef Steak? One of the most primal questions in existence for those who eat meat.  And we're here to answer it.  What to put Steak is a deep and probing question because it requires some quick responses backed up by the most basic of all investigation.  Many of the experts I talk to who have made hundreds of steaks, chicken and ribs have thought critically about the key elements of steak ... more info
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