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Details:So many have heard about this delicious, succulent and almost delicately flavorful tri tip roast or steaks.  For those who have not heard about tri tip we can help with a somewhat short explanation. Tri-Tip for the most part is a triangular section primarily located in the front quarters of a steer or cow.  The section resides primarily between the breast and the legs of the animal.  The tri-tip is sometimes known as the ... more info
Details:  One of the best meals we've ever eaten is properly grilled Pork tenderloin. Our grilled pork tenderloin was masterfully cooked using one of our most famous dry rubs.  And before the tenderloin was even rubbed the loin was prepped with just the right amount of "secret" marinade.  Some say this isn't so much of a secret simply because we've touted the use of this simple technique many times before.  No ... more info

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