Chipotle Mayonnaise Craft Style flavor 10 Oz

Mayonnaise Chipotle Spicy Style 10 Oz

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About two years ago we saw an opportunity to create a spicy, complex Mayonnaise condiment that was earthy and smoky which we thought would wind up being popular and cool. And this very cool mixture would become an excellent spread for sandwiches and burgers, dips french fries, chips or vegetables. This blend would take on the standard forms of mayonnaise and raised them to a whole new level one of spice and flavor. 

Little did we know that our subtle smoky Chipotle Mayonnaise would be that mixture that totally changed the way we viewed sauces and the way our customers considered our product offerings. The change came because we were able to take smoky adobo Chipotle and combined that the purest of natural whole egg mayonnaise, lime juice, fresh green chilies, smoked salts and more. And when those ingredients are added in the right balance the results are not only mouthwatering but breath taking and this Chipotle Mayo is just such a product.

Although we'd like to take some credit for the idea of Mayonnaise it would not be wise to do so certainly with an item that has such a storied history. You see there is some controversy surrounding the actual date on which Mayonnaise was created however there is some consensus that this savory sometimes salty blend was actually created by two distinct cultures within similar time frames. The French and the Spanish as history reads seemed to have individually concocted the delicious treat to serve their monarchies without so much as a hint that they were creating similar items.

Nineteenth century formulas like "Mayonnaise. Take three spoonfuls of Allemande, six ditto of aspic, and two of oil." These are the beginnings of this amazing sauce. A sauce that can be used on just about any food considering the limitations of keeping the item cool and away from heat that would separate or breakdown the fine mixture of ingredients. This is an excellent spread for just about any dish you can dream up.

Jake's Famous Chipotle Mayo pay tribute to this predecessor through its focus on the use of natural ingredients that match the periods access to ingredients. In the early Nineteenth century little was known about the use of flavor enhancers or preservatives in fact salt was most likely the most widely used preservative in existence soon after followed by perhaps sugar.

We've vowed to focus on condiment sauces that are complex and good tasting just when you want it to be without any unnatural enhancements like chemicals or preservatives. And for our Chipotle Mayonnaise the hard work in creating the blend of ingredients for this delicious condiment recipe has paid off in awards and recognition. And once you settle in and open a bottle you are presented with the distinct and unforgettable aroma of dried Chipotle peppers melded into that right tasting whole egg mayonnaise. All there is, is pure and natural taste. And that's why we are thrilled to offer our Jake's Famous Chipotle Mayo condiment sauce.

What makes Jake's Chipotle Mayo different from other mayonnaise is the clean, smooth recipe with not sweeteners like Corn Syrup. And there's no awkward preservatives to get in the way of the taste just pure and natural Chipotle Mayo combined with hints of onion and black pepper.

And what makes Chipotle Mayo different from Aioli style dressings? Aioli can come in the forms of lemon pepper, harissa aioli or other.  Usually made from eggs, olive oil, garlic and kosher salt.  The primary difference is that Chipotle Mayo plus seasoning does not make an aioli as mayonnaise and aioli are not the same.  Each starts out with egg yolks but separates at the point that garlic is added to the blend.  The process of blending each of the sauces differs in that aioli is blended slow while mayo can be blended faster but must be done so in a cool environment. The end result is both are fantastic when done right.  However Chipotle Mayo is more versatile and can be used on many more items than Aioli. 

The true secret to creating a world class mayonnaise is in the handling of the eggs. How the eggs are dispersed into the ingredient mixture as well as what temperature the eggs are held in suspension. These are critical steps that must be maintained and recreated each time an artisanal batch of Jake's Famous Chipotle Mayo are created. High standards must be maintained and each is key toward creating just the right amount of flavor and striking the right balance where taste and delivery are concerned. We choose to ensure that our products are directly supervised to ensure that each customer receives our very best offerings.

Here's what people are saying about Jake's Famous Mayonnaise Chipotle Spicy Style 10 Oz.

Barney Weaver wrote: "Recently bought the Chipotle Mayo another fantastic product. Very rich and creamy, it pours nicely through the bottle and has a wonderful Chipotle pepper flavor with onion and lime hints. Very nice, a great product for my fish tacos and sandwiches."

Sergio S. wrote: "I've got to say, it was wonderful, a smooth mayo with a rich Chipotle flavor balanced perfectly with garlic, onion and lime juice. I used it on sandwiches, fish tacos, as a condiment at the table and with chips...great job..Jake."

Sammy L. wrote: "Got it, Get It, Good!"

Get the flavor and taste you deserve.

What we love about this Chipotle Mayonnaise:

  • All Natural ingredients contains No MSG
  • No Chemical Preservatives
  • Made in USA
  • Contains Low Sodium formulation
  • Contains no High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Can be used as a Marinade

Recommended Uses:

Chipotle Mayo: Tacos, fajitas, steaks, chicken, fish, salads, as a general condiment and side dish.

Ingredients as listed:


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