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What is Shelf Life and What does it Mean

  Shelf life is defined as the period or amount of time a perishable product can remain safe to eat when presented for sale. Depending on location meaning state or country shelf life and shelf life designation requirements are quite different. For the average consumer it is a good idea to pay specific attention to the shelf life of the product. In the case of barbecue sauce an average product should have shelf life in excess of 12 ... more info
What is the process of Marinating

  Marinades and the Marinating Process: Let's cover what is a marinade and what is the process of marinating.  A marinade is a seasoned mixture that adds flavor and in some cases tenderizes. Marinades are commonly used with thin cuts, such as steaks, chicken, duck or fish. A flavoring marinade is many times used with tender beef cuts for a short time - 15 minutes to 2 hours. A tenderizing marinade is used with less tender beef ... more info
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