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What to Know about Buying BBQ Sauce Online

  There are literally hundreds and thousands of people if not more who claim to have made a super duper, mouth smacking, slap your mama, kiss the dog, bend over twice and hop, head splitting, nose burning, award winning barbecue sauce. I could go on but you get the point. Real BBQ Sauce recipes were handed to someone, who handed it to someone else and so on. In fact having been in this business for so long I've actually seen people take ... more info
How The World Barbecues A Grillers Guide EBook

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  This eBook is 101 Pages full of recipes, guides, tips, and secrets. I've traveled the world collecting informative recipes and tips for ebooks and downloads all on world bbq grilling as its done in the far reaches of the earth. I've teamed that with great chefs and collected great bbq recipes, insightful stories and included the history of barbecue to make you a better barbecuer. Consider the fact that you'll never ... more info
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