Asian Inspired Chipotle BBQ Sauce 12 Oz

Asian Chipotle Best BBQ Sauce 12 OZ


I come back to Jake's website quite often so I was pleased to find they added some new products. One which I am absolutely in love with is the Jake's Famous Blue Oak BBQ Sauce. This stuff is "amazing" and I'll tell you why. Jake has started doing a series of blogs on Smoking. We started smoking a couple of months ago and so we were happy to see that Jake's is now selling smokers along with this amazing sauce. So, I bought two bottles because everything else I've bought has been great so why not this. I followed Jake's instructions marinating our ribs and steaks overnight in the sauce. Then I added them to the prepared smoker at 225 degrees. Man, was I surprised...the ribs came out with this really nice, shiny almost glistening look and were fall off the bone tender. The flavor of the sauce permeated the meat with this wonderful 5 spice, teriyaki, soy and chipotle combination. The steaks were so tender that we could cut them with a fork. For my money this is one of the best products I've ever had. You've got a winner here Jake and we will certainly be buying more. Congrats.
Date Added: 04/14/2013 by Pepper Mason
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