Really Hot BBQ Sauce 12 Oz


This is a fantastic Hot BBQ Sauce. I saw the label noting the spicy hot and thought maybe it might have some potential. I like hot stuff and some people call me a chilehead which is fine cause I would rather have food that's hot than not. The beauty of this sauce is that it delivers this really nice level of flavor first followed by nice waves of heat. I thought maybe it's like hot sauce that heats up quickly then dissipates. But no this sauce has staying power and just won't give up after the first 5 minutes. The sauce gets hotter and hotter and reaches a nice level then just delivers combinations of flavor and heat at a wonderful level that people like me really enjoy.

If you like spicy hot food and enjoy spicy hot BBQ sauce believe me this Inferno is for you. I think Jake should call this Really Hot BBQ Sauce because it is.
Date Added: 12/19/2013 by Harley James
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