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California Chipotle Dry Rub for Ribs 2 Pack 20% OFF
California Chipotle Dry Rub for Ribs 2 Pack 20% OFF
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Details: California Chipotle Dry Rub for Ribs Special 20% OFF

California Chipotle Dry Rub for Sale 2 Pack 20% OFF



IN STOCK: Jake's California Chipotle Dry Rub for Ribs Combination pack perfect for chicken, ribs, pork, fish, steaks and Tri Tip.


What better way to deliver fresh and juicy chicken than with an all natural California Chipotle Dry rub. Make golden, mouthwatering legs, thighs and wings that are juicier, tastier and more full of flavor than you've ever had before. Wonderful aromas of garlic, onion, hickory salt, Mediterranean turmeric and hints of fresh ground black pepper fill your grill and yard with the essence of real barbecue. Perfect for roasting, and even better on the grill Jake’s Famous Foods California Chipotle Dry rub for ribs is for those who truly love ribs and chicken and aren't afraid to mix it up.


Yes but are these spices and seasonings versatile you ask? Just mix with bread crumbs to coat chicken for frying, or add to a vinaigrette dressing and marinate chicken breasts before grilling. Mix with mustard and prepare ribs for the grill. Add a spoonful to soups or French Fries for a truly authentic taste. All natural ingredients make them easier to adhere and marinate the meat. Your time is spent eating the meat rather than worry about the preparation.


Uses California Chipotle Dry Rub for Ribs:

Pork ribs, chicken, steaks, dry rub bbq ribs, beef ribs, and Tri Tip. 


Easy to use: Just shake on the California Chipotle Dry Rub for Ribs, wrap and rest for 45 minutes or more. No rubbing required unless you really need the exercise. After resting grill, pan fry or broil until done.



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