How To Keep Food Warm For Transport EBook:

How To Keep Food Warm For Transport EBook:

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This eBook How To Keep Food Warm will help you figure out one of the most important actions you will take when making delicious barbecue. And that is how do you keep all this great food warm when it needs to be transported from the place of origin to where your guests are located. There are many different techniques that can be used from warming blocks to insulated coolers. This eBook will give you the information you need to make the right choice. Consider just how easy it will be to accurately plan your needs long before the barbecue starts.

We’ve catered and barbecued for over 15 years and one of our most asked questions is: How to keep food warm either when preparing or transporting?  Typically the person asking has one particular instance in mind for which they’d like to solve.  But answering that question is more involved than one would normally think. Let’s say that you’ve been preparing a meal for 25 people and that you started at least two days ahead collecting all the foods and beginning with the preparation, cutting, slicing, seasoning of meats and so on.  This is all well and good then you realize you have to transport this feast for an hour and a half during the winter.  This kind of preparation involves the food types, the preparation method, the weather conditions, the containment vessels for transport, the vehicle in which the food will be transported, not to mention the time it takes to transport.  A consideration should be made as to whether the food will be pre-grilled or cooked and finished at the location. 

When catering, one of the biggest issues we have is how to keep food warm during and after grilling or transporting. Especially if it has been grilled sometime earlier or in a different location from which it is served.  This is a common problem many people face.  See our collection of solutions to this problem that we’ve tried and use.  Try out two or three of the methods to see which one works best for you. Remember the method that works best for one thing may not work best for all of them.  A lot depends on the food type, travel requirements, cooking methods, time to transport and other factors. 

Decisions should be made as to whether food will be cooked completely or pre-cooked and finished on location.  If food is to be pre-finish then adequate cooling must be maintained prior to location.  Every effort must be made to still any potential bacteria growth.  The FDA suggests that meat must be held to a cooling temperature of 41 degrees F.  Never mix pre-cooked heated food with cold or cool food to help cool the warm food.  Mixing of this nature can increase the temperature of the cold food speeding up bacteria. 

To make things even easier we've added a Worksheet that helps you collect the information you need for future events. On this worksheet you can collect information about your plans, the meat you intend to transport, the time to transport and best of all the most appropriate method for transporting. To round out the information we've included some new technical methods as well as a comical story about how we kept things warm back on the farm.

Sample Warming Method from the eBook:

Warmed Pots and Pans for Transport

Another method is to warm the pan you're carrying food in before leaving for the trip, once warmed wrap it in clear wrap, then foil, then paper. The wrap will create a tight seal to keep liquids from spilling while in transport.

Crock Pots and Warming Trays

Once the food is pre-cooked, cooked or warmed take along a heavy duty extension cord just in case the host doesn't have one.  On arrival head directly to a power source, connect and set up the crock pot or warming tray. 

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