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Really Hot Spicy BBQ Sauce Sale 2 Pack 20% OFF
Really Hot Spicy BBQ Sauce Sale 2 Pack 20% OFF
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Details: Really Hot Spicy BBQ Sauce Combo 2 Pack 20% OFF

Really Hot Spicy BBQ Sauce Combo 2 Pack 20% OFF



IN STOCK: Jake's Really Hot Spicy BBQ Sauce Special for chicken, ribs, pork, fish, steaks and Tri Tip and more.


Jake's Famous Really Hot Barbecue Sauce delivers a bold rich hickory flavor and is the best barbecue sauce for ribs hands down, shredded chicken, baby back ribs, turkey, sandwiches, grilled fish and more. Each bottle contains Jake's Family secret recipe, Pure and natural ingredients, No high fructose corn syrup,No MSG, No preservative flavor enhancers and an exceptional blend of habanero, jalapeno and ginger.


In fact this recipe is so well balanced that just a few spoonful’s will leave you with moist, tender and meaty chicken. If you have a hot barbecue sauce job that needs gettin' done then get it done with this award winning best barbecue sauce that delivers waves of wonderful flavor and fantastic heat. Made In The USA.


Here's what people are saying about Jake's Really Hot Spicy BBQ Sauce:


Kristen wrote: " Overall: THIS STUFF ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my word. I am looking for any possible excuse to eat a food that needs BBQ sauce with it. I WILL order more when our jar is empty. I will order this for friends and family. It is amazing. Please, please order some and try it for yourself. I PROMISE you will love it."


R. Wagner wrote: "I am a power user of my barbecue, and for me, the key to great ribs and chicken is a sauce that adds flavor but doesn't overpower the quality of the meat. Jake's Really Hot Barbecue sauces are perfect for this! Rich, spicy and full of flavors that complement the meat!"


Recommended Uses for our Really Hot Spicy BBQ Sauce: Buffalo Chicken wings, chili, bbq ribs recipes, Baby Back Ribs, Gourmet Hamburgers, table dips and more.


This is a great hot spicy bbq sauce that is sure to make your home style barbecue a hit!





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