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Grilled Mahi Mahi with Aloha Salsa Recipe

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Aloha Salsa Recipe

Grilled Mahi Mahi is an absolutely fantastic meal that is made all the better with fresh Aloha Salsa. This recipe breaks down this tasty dish into a few easy steps that can be done right on your home grill or smoker.



Mahi Mahi Grill

2-4 Mahi Mahi fillets

2 Tablespoons Cooking Oil

2 Lemon Wedges



3 Cups of Pineapple (diced small)

1 Cup Red Bell Pepper (diced small)

1/3 of a Cup Jalapeno (diced small)

3/4 of a Cup Sweet Onion (diced small)

1 Tsp of Cilantro (diced small, almost minced)

1 Lime Juiced

2 Tbs of Rice Wine Vinegar

2 Tbs Sugar

1/4 Tsp Salt

1/4 Tsp White Pepper


To Cook Mahi Mahi

1. Preheat your grill to a Medium High setting if using a oven. If using a barbecue grill or smoker ensure that the temperature reaches 325 to 350 degrees.


2. After cleaning the fillets, lightly baste each fillet with cooking oil.


3. Place Mahi Mahi fillets on grill and cook 5 to 10 minutes per side turning the fillets when the cooking side becomes white in color.


4. Baste the Mahi Mahi fillets with your favorite marinade while cooking to raise the flavor. 


5. After grilling test with a fork to ensure the fillets are flaky. If so, the fish is ready to eat. If not cook an additional 1-2 minutes per side. 


To Make Aloha Salsa

1. Combine all Aloha Salsa ingredients into large serving bowl. Toss all ingredients thoroughly. 


2. Chill Aloha Salsa for at least 30 minutes before serving with fish or using table side. 


Once the Mahi Mahi is grilled and the Aloha Salsa chilled plate the salsa on a large dinner plate. Add the Mahi Mahi fillets and a side of parsley to garnish the dish.


Serve and enjoy.

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