Bourbon BBQ Glaze Homemade Recipe

Bourbon BBQ Glaze Homemade Recipe


Our updated classic Santa Maria Style Bourbon BBQ Glaze Homemade Recipe made with authentic ingredients. Our Bourbon BBQ Glaze recipe shows you steps to make this BBQ Glaze.

To help out the many requests we receive for our Tri-Tip barbecue recipe and Bourbon Glaze we have created two videos. The videos are designed to show step by step instructions for making each of these popular BBQ Recipes. Many people may not know how to make ribs or Tri-Tip, so I want to first assure you that it is easier than it looks.  Most of the barbecue meats and meals you see on our website can easily be made right in your own oven.  All it takes is some adjustment related to the maintaining of temperatures.  Keep in mind one of the major differences when oven cooking is whether or not smoke flavor can be added to the meat.  It is possible to add smoke flavor by means of different methods.  One of the simplest methods is taking wood chips folding them into foil wrap.  The wrap is then perforated and the foil laid in an area that gets maximum heat.  The wood will smolder and since the chips are trapped in the foil pouch they will produce smoke with fire.  When using the method you must make sure that there is enough air circulation in and around your oven.  The smoke unless evacuated through a vent system will fill your kitchen.  So keep that in mind when using the foil pouch.  A second method we recommend is through a device called the Cameron's smoker.  This is a stainless steel tray where shaved wood chips are placed on the bottom of the container and the container is placed on the top of the stove.  The meat is laid on a grill inside the tray and the lid is close trapping the smoke in the smoker.  The meat receives maximum smoke at one time.  The hardest part of the process is measuring the right level of wood smoke for the meat type.  This is where the old say "less is more" comes into play.  You must be sensitive to the amount of wood chips you use.  I've used the Cameron Smoker many times and the results have been excellent.  I've also had times when I used too much wood and result came out almost inedible.  Again you must use the guide that comes with the smoker to approximate the level of wood chips in the device.  

Our Bourbon BBQ Glaze recipe is the perfect accompaniment for chicken, ribs, tri tip, steaks, lamb, Santa Maria tri-tip bourbon sauce and more and is ready in mins. The Glaze uses Jake's Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce which is filled with non-alcoholic Natural Bourbon and Maple flavors.

Bourbon Glaze Ingredients:

Options To Bourbon flavor:

In place of Jake's Famous Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce you can use 3/4 Cup Bourbon (**Inexpensive is fine and as an option you can substitute something else with similar flavoring if desired)

Instructions and Steps To Make Glaze:

  • 1. In a large saucepan melt the butter with the oil over medium heat.
  • 2. Add the 2 Medium Onions Minced, sauté for 5 minutes or until Onions turn golden in color.
  • 3. Add remaining ingredients into the sauce pan; reduce heat to low and cook until mixture thickens about 30 minutes stirring frequently.

Making the Bourbon Glaze and Sauce Recipe

I made this recipe at least a dozen years ago when I was creating some of our barbecue sauces.  I've always enjoyed making ribs and chicken and even though I had this great barbecue sauce it seemed I needed more to finish off the meal.  And after much searing and talking with some customers the center theme became clear, we needed a fancier sauce that could top the chicken or ribs.  We knew we wanted something that was not too sweet but could be mixed and concentrated to deliver maximum flavor.  We tried all kinds of mixes and toppings that we thought could get the job done but for some reason we couldn't seem to make it blend in the way that benefited not only chicken but ribs, turkey, fish and all kinds of game.  After a few weeks of attempts it came to me in a sort of revelation. I thought if I blended molasses with maple syrup and orange juice similar to how Carne Asada is marinated then we could hit the target.  More mixing and blending took place and bang one day it all came together.  We created this amazing flavor sauce that anyone can make.  The sauce uses most items you probably have right in your own kitchen. And all you have to do is mix the ingredients together then let reduce and concentrate.  

One of the great things about the glaze is that you don't have to use alcohol to make it work.  In fact you can use our Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce in place of using standard Bourbon.  We use the Maple Bourbon BBQ because it uses Bourbon flavors and not real alcohol.  The result is this warm, smooth concentrated flavor that contains no alcohol at all.  It also means that if you have a resistance to alcohol either by the natural or preferred you don't have to use it at all to get the same or better results.  

In addition to the fact that the glaze is alcohol free the glaze is also low in sodium and uses our Ball Park Ketchup and Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce which are both Gluten Free.  One other thing in the recipe it mentions Dark Un-Sulphured Molasses.  Keep in mind this Un-Sulphured Molasses is a recommendation and does not have to followed strictly.  You can use standard Dark Molasses as they will be blended and reduced down to produce the glaze.  

Once I've reduced the glaze down to make it almost syrupy in nature I allow it to cool. Following the cooling I use a ladle and spoon it across ribs, turkey or chicken.  As for keeping the glaze for periods of time I find I can keep it for at least two weeks.  It's best to keep it in a locked and sealed container. I like to spoon it into a microwaveable container then heat it up for about 45 seconds until the glaze somewhat runny again.  Once it achieves the level of thinness I seek I use it right away.  

When the glaze reaches your desired thickness you can let the ingredients cool for 5 minutes then spoon directly on your meat. For thicker glaze just continue reducing ingredients for an additional 15 to 20 minutes.

Jake's Maple Bourbon BBQ Glaze Recipe Video


Maple Bourbon BBQ Glaze Recipe Video


Serve with BBQ meats or with tacos, wraps,  Santa Maria tri-tip bourbon sauce as desired.

Jake's Smoked Tri Tip Video


Jake's Smoked Tri-Tip Video


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