How to make Hawaiian Barbeque Sauce


Hawaiian Barbecue Sauces can add a delightful flavor to any meal....

You can use Jake's Famous BBQ Sauces to make your very own Hawaiian Barbecue sauce. Follow the steps and use our easy recipe that converts our Original/Mild, Medium Hot or Hot Barbecue sauces into an amazing Hawaiian style barbecue sauce. Just follow these direction. Most of these items are readily available in your home.

Hawaiian Barbeque Sauce Ingredients:

*Note if you make a Hawaiian style sauce using Jake's Medium Hot or Inferno versions ginger is not required as the BBQ sauce already contains it.

Steps: Mix ingredients in a medium size mixing bowl. Add 16 Oz of Jake's Barbecue Sauce. Blend until smooth.

Use Hawaiian Barbeque sauce as marinade or baste on during the grilling process.

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