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How to BBQ a Filet Mignon or great Steak

How to BBQ a Filet Mignon or great Steak


The information provided below focuses on cooking filet mignon and general steaks on a charcoal grill. We especially like cooking steaks on grills with covers like those kettle style grills. With these type grills you get a nice roasting/grilling effect which allows the steak to remain juicy and flavorful without drying out. It also allows you to better manage heat through charcoal distribution. Here's what we suggest when it comes to a great steak.



First determine the time frame and heat level necessary to cook your steak. That's usually done by sizing the steak(s). The best cuts are usually 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick.


In direct cooking the meat is to be grilled directly over the coals or a gas broiler. This is the preferred method for steaks, roasting a steak which can be done will in many cases make the steak tough and chewy. Direct cooking will bring the steak to the right temperature holding a desirable amount of moisture, firmness and tenderness to the steak.


When using a charcoal grill build a fire so that half of the grate is spread with a single layer of charcoal and the other half with two or three layers. Leave some space between the charcoals on the single layer. The single layer will be the area used for medium heat and for holding the temperature of steaks that cook faster than others. It is important to check the temperature of a steak in the holding are often so that it is not left to roast.


When the coals have reached the desired temperature, meaning after the coals have burned down and you can test the heat level by holding your hand over the grating for no more than 2 seconds the coals are now ready.


Put the steak(s) on the hot part of the grate covering with the top. Open the vents on the top and bottom of the grill. If you find that there is a flare up while grilling quickly open the lid moving the steaks to the side, close the vent to drive down the flames. Once the flames are down open the lid and move the steaks back onto the hot part of the grill, open the vents halfway. When the flaming is completely controlled open the vents again allowing the air to flow across the meat.


After 2 minutes, turn the meat and sear on the other side. Once turned begin checking the doneness of the steak. The easiest and fastest way is to have an instant read thermometer on hand. If you like your meat rare, start checking directly after turning. If no thermometer is on hand, rareness should be achieved 4 to 5 minutes after the initial searing. For more doneness continue to cook the steak flipping the meat over frequently and checking the temperature as it cooks. Remove the steak from the hot area once you get within 5 to 10 degrees of the desired temperature. Note, the internal temperature will continue to rise as the remaining steaks cook. For doneness see the temperature guide below:


  • 125 to 130 Degrees --- Rare
  • 130 to 140 Degrees --- Medium Rare
  • 140 to 150 Degrees --- Medium
  • 150 to 160 Degrees --- Medium Well
  • 160 to 170 Degrees --- Well to Very Well


Flavor Secret: Unlike roasts a steak can be served directly from the grill and eaten.



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