Grill, Bake or BBQ, Find Out Which One Tops The List

Grill, Bake or BBQ, Which one is chosen more often? Over the last 12 years we've done weeks and weeks of research, investigation, demos, tours, festivals and plain old conversation with chefs, cooks, BBQ competition kings and queens and even culinary specialist. When it comes to BBQ and doing it at your own home we asked one simple question. Which method of BBQ cooking do you most often use? Out of the thousands of people questioned the answer invariably came back Bake. We won't say we were stunned by the answer but we were surprised. So, we thought we would delve a little deeper into finding out why this was. The answer, one word...Convenience. It seems with the changing norms in society meaning fewer people working on farms, more people moving into the cities and suburban city like settings having a place for a grill just doesn't seem high on the list. In fact what we've found is that more and more people have less than 50 square feet of real estate that could even be considered a possible area for a BBQ grill. 


And since the number of grills is decreasing then it only makes sense that the number of Bake and BBQ type options and recipes would increase. We did more research investigating hundreds of BBQ websites and cooking websites just to tally the number of Baking BBQ recipes and we found very few. Most sites focus on competition based award winning recipes or backyard stunners that require at least 150 square feet of space and very few focus on the small to medium family that wants the taste of BBQ but can't afford the massive amounts of real estate needed to cook openly. In areas with suburban settings many make an event out of BBQ reserving grills at parks and recreation centers.


One thing is for sure society will continue to change and with these changes we'll keep our team focused on meeting the needs of that change. That's why we've continued to offer our All Natural Dry Rub seasonings that work while you're Baking, Broiling, Grilling or Barbequing. To see our Baking recipes click here "Bake Recipes". 



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