Gas or Charcoal, Which is Better


Gas or charcoal grilling: Is the question that's been popping up for years.


Experts believe Gas grills are good for people who like how easy they are to start and clean up. These grills especially great for weekday dinners when time is short and you've got to get dinner on the table quickly. Charcoal grills are perfect for delivering that smoky flavor into the meat, and charcoal grills can reach very hot temperatures for searing and charring. Charcoal grills offer true smoking which is virtually impossible on a gas grill.


We think overall the arguments should be targeted toward what meat you are cooking, what flavor do you want it to have, and how much time do you have on your hands? With those questions answered the debate can be settled quickly.


Best Choices for Smoking Charcoal or Gas

Example: Smoking ribs is a time consuming process which takes a good 6 to 8 hours. Charcoal grills are perfect for this style of cooking because the grill is designed to capture and vent smoke appropriately and charcoal can be added to manage heat when necessary. In addition smoke chip trays are managed more effectively in Charcoal grills.


When using a Gas grill to perform this same action an enormous amount of gas is used even though some of the burners may be turned off. There are electric smoke boxes which can be purchased and perform a wonderful job of smoking foods. But you see the basic dilemma essentially you can do both things on a Charcoal grill while you typically have to purchase some addition to achieve the same results when gas is involved.


But the long and short of it is focus on your particular situation then make the choice that best suits YOU.


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