Dry Rub and How Do I Use It?


Although dry rub seasoning has been around for many years over the last three or four this form of pre-seasoning meats has become quite popular. In fact not long ago "marinades" were the more popular of the two forms of seasoning. That is quickly changing since dry rubs add greater intensities of flavor.



A dry rub is a combination of seasonings that is "dry" before being applied to the meat. The meat, which is moist, will cause the dry rub to become moist. It is not considered to be a wet rub or a marinade, just because it looks wet. When cooking with a dry rub, allow the meat to cook long enough for the rub to become dry again thus adhering to the meat.


How Best to Use Dry Rubs

The easiest way to use a dry rub is to shake it on. If you're cooking a large amount of meat, the best way to use it is to pour the dry rub in a large relatively deep pan. Take the meat and roll it over it the dry rub.


Some people like to "massage" or "rub" the seasoning in, the thinking is that with vigorous movement this will drive the seasoning further into the muscle fiber of the meat. Application really is a matter of personal preference. A really good dry rub does not require vigorous action but instead will adhere to the surface of the meat and with time will mix with the moisture in the meat thus seeping in to season.


Certain rubs use raw white or brown sugar to offset their tartness. Brown sugar is often used for the purposes of caramelizing (browning) the meat adding a subtle layer of sweetness. Some claim that the use of brown sugar will cause the meat to burn quickly, so it's best to know how much brown sugar is in the rub before application.




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