Baked Potatoes On The Grill - How Long does it take

Baked Potatoes On The Grill - How Long does it take


With this simple recipe and steps you can grill Baked Potatoes within 1 hour, and they're fun to make. Over the years at Jakes Famous we've made potatoes just about as many ways as humanly possible.  And each time I make them I can't help but think just how versatile is this naturally starchy tuber.  It is believed that the potato was originally domesticated by indigenous peoples of the Americas independently in multiple locations, but later genetic testing of the wide variety of cultivars and wild species traced a single origin for potatoes. Now, that may be a lot to say but overall we as average Americans appreciate the fact that we can make French Fries, mashed potatoes, soups, scalloped potatoes, mixes and just about everything else with this great root vegetable.  

To aid in the options available for potatoes we've created this great and simple Yukon potato dish.  See our recipe below.  


  • 2 Medium Golden Yukon Potatoes
  • 2 Strips of Bacon
  • 2 Pats of Butter (Optional)


  • 1. Wash and clean all dirt from Potatoes.
  • 2. Dry Potatoes thoroughly.
  • 3 Optional - Make a 3 inch cut in each Potato and slide in 1 Pat of Butter
  • 4. Wrap each Potato with 1 slice of Bacon*
  • 5. Wrap Potatoes in Aluminum foil.
  • 6. Bring grill to 375 degrees.
  • 7. Bake Potatoes for 1 hour.

When baked add, butter, sour cream, chives and 2 shakes of Jake's California Chicken Rub .


*Adding the slice of Bacon will bring an amazing flavor to the skin and meat of the Potato.

This is a very simple recipe that requires potatoes and a grill.  But it's not always necessary to have a grill to get the job done. You can still do the job with your very own oven.  Of course you will have to make some adjustments in how you wrap the potatoes and the butter and bacon combination.  I've done the potatoes both ways and the results no matter which version turn out nicely.  I especially like using the bacon for the flavor that left on the skin of the potatoes.  I may not always eat the bacon but I am guaranteed that I will eat the potato and the potato skin.  I also like to add a couple of dashes of our Southwestern Hickory Dry rub and our California Chicken Rub.  Each of these is excellent in the flavor that's left on the potato.

In addition to the seasoning I like to add a nice dollop of Sour Cream.  If you don't have the sour cream you can get by just using some cottage cheese.  I think cottage cheese is underrate in its uses and is truly great when combined on things like potatoes and salads.  The cottage cheese is light and low in calories and will offset the use of bacon on the potatoes.  An additional option is the use of shredded cheese or Parmesan cheese these are always great to use on potatoes along with shakes of kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper.  



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