Chipotle BBQ Sauce Asian Style 3 Pack

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Looking to create a completely new experience from your regular barbecue? Fed up with the same old tasteless barbecue options?  Then it's time you move up to this amazing new barbecue sauce with a Chipotle pepper twist.


We created Jake's Famous Chipotle BBQ Sauce Asian Style to change the bbq taste experience. Perfectly blended with Jake's special all natural ingredients hosting Chipotle, Teriyaki, Soy, Mango, Five Spice Powder, and an amazing list of spices.  This is a 3 pack of this wonderful Asian Styled BBQ Sauce beautifully labeled and ready to be used.


This is a bbq smoker's dream BBQ Sauce. This sauce marinates and builds flavor with each moment. Use this sauce especially if you are using wood smoke like Cherry, Apple or Red Oak. The flavor produced is amazing and worth every bite.


Here's what people are saying about Jake's Famous Chipotle BBQ Sauce Asian Style:


Sam Quick wrote:  "Deeeeeelicious!!! Love this Chipotle BBQ Sauce and can't get enough of it. Who would have thought that Chipotle, soy, teriyaki and mango could go so well together. I like using it on my steaks and on my smoked ribs. I also like using it as a table condiment. Excellent."


Recommended Uses: BBQ Ribs, Chicken, Fish dishes, Hamburgers, Steaks, Shrimp, Lamb, Chinese dishes, Japanese dishes, Pork dishes and more.


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