Really Nice Medium Hot BBQ Sauce 1 Gallon

Really Nice Medium Hot BBQ Sauce 1 Gallon

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Economy Sized perfection with Jake's Famous Really Nice Medium Hot Barbecue Sauce All Natural combined with A select blend of habanero, jalapeno and ginger cap off this incredible tasting medium hot barbecue sauce.

 One Gallon Medium Hot Sauce is a must for any barbecue master. This sauce is perfect for grilling or marinating meat, ribs, chicken, steaks, pork and more. Vegetables, tofu, and dips will never be the same after adding this BBQ Sauce. Winner of the Fiery Food Challenge Golden Chili award for multiple years as well as multiple national barbecue awards.

 Best when paired with: Ribs,  Buffalo Chicken wings, Gourmet Hamburgers, Steaks, as a dipping sauce, with meat as a Barbecue marinade, and as a Barbecue Glaze or just when you need an extra zip in your meal.

 With an entire gallon of Jake's Medium Hot Barbecue Sauce which is equivalently 12 - 12 Oz bottles of Jake's Medium Hot BBQ Sauce, you'll be putting smiles on family and friends for a long time!

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