Really Hot BBQ Sauce One Gallon Value Size

Really Hot BBQ Sauce One Gallon Value Size

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One Gallon of Fiery Goodness. Jake's Really Hot BBQ Sauce, Natural, No Fat, No MSG, premium Smokehouse Style blended barbecue sauce.

Perfect for grilling or marinating meat, vegetables, tofu, or as a dip. Complete with hand selected habanero, jalapeno and ginger.   Winner of the Fiery Food Challenge Golden Chili award for multiple years as well as multiple national barbecue awards.  Just think of all the things you can do with One Gallon of Fiery Good Inferno Barbecue Sauce.  Wings...done, chicken...done, ribs....definitely done...and more.

To get you started we put together a listing of items that are best when paired with Jake's Really Hot BBQ Sauce: Baby Back Ribs, Gourmet  Hamburgers, barbecued turkey, roasted lamb shanks and more or use as a dipping sauce with meat as a Barbecue marinade, and as a Barbecue Glaze.

Comments about Jake's Really Hot BBQ Sauce One Gallon Value Size:

Kristen wrote: " Overall: THIS STUFF ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my word. I am looking for any possible excuse to eat a food that needs BBQ sauce with it. I WILL order more when our jar is empty. I will order this for friends and family. It is amazing. Please, please order some and try it for yourself. I PROMISE you will love it."

R. Wagner wrote: "I am a power user of my barbeque, and for me, the key to great ribs and chicken is a sauce that adds flavor but doesn't overpower the quality of the meat. Jakes sauces are perfect for this! Rich, spicy and full of flavors that complement the meat!"

Chas. T. wrote: "I've had three party requests and I use your rub as well as your Really Hot (Inferno) sauce. It is pretty tasty! Can't thank you enough."

Scott Roberts wrote: "Overall: Buy this stuff. It's the real deal, and it may become one of the 2 or 3 best barbecue sauces you've ever eaten (as it has with me. Yet another spicy food product that gets the "Scotty Highest Recommendation".

Uses for our Jake's Really Hot Barbecue Sauce:

Grilling, Barbecue, wings, beef ribs recipes, homemade barbecue sauce recipes, BBQ rib recipes, bbq chicken recipes, honey hot wings recipes, dips and table spreads.

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