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Details:.async-hide { opacity: 0 !important} Smoked Peach Sweet Potato Cobbler Recipe   Smoked Peach Sweet Potato Cobbler Recipe   Over the past few months we've been working on lots of recipes and the creation of some new sauces and seasonings.  In that time we've focused on the making of fantastic meals like "Brisket for One", "Marinade Pour Cote de Porc", "Bourbon Glazed Pork Ribs", and more.  One thing we did not ... more info
Details:How Much Smoke Is Enough...BBQ Wood Smoke That Is?     We at Jake's Famous Foods have been making and managing Barbecues for the last 17 years and before that we were making barbecues when we were just knee high to a hound dog.....or at least that's how I've heard it said.  All total we've been making barbecues for some 40 plus years now.  One of the things people ask me most when they're not asking about managing the ... more info
Details:Dry Rub Types and Styles What makes a Dry Rub good or great for smoking?   First let's start with what exactly is a dry rub as we consider what makes a dry rub good for smoking?  A Dry Rub Defined: a mixture of herbs and spices and similar dry ingredients that are rubbed onto the surface of food (most often meat) to add flavor. The dry rub also creates a crust on the surface of food that is grilled or broiled. So, when we say what ... more info
Details:Faux Brisket Tri-Tip, Is it Really Possible?   Is it possible to grill Tip-Tip just like a Brisket?     At Jake's Famous we'd often wonder about the many cooking methods and ways of making Tri-Tip.   I knew basically, that Tri-Tip could be smoked, roasted or grilled until medium or medium well then turned into some of the best tasting meat possible.  And with living on the Central Coast of California we are all ... more info


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