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Details:Grilling Up New Flavors Peanuts Recipe As you continue your outdoor family activities - grilling, picnicking, camping, and hiking - remember to include all natural in shell peanuts since they give you energy and are full of healthful nutrients.   Did you know that peanuts are grown in 15 states? The region of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina produces Virginia-type peanuts. Pack them in a backpack to eat along the hiking trail, ... more info
Details:What is Marinating Marinades and the Marinating Process: A marinade is a seasoned mixture that adds flavor and in some cases tenderizes. Marinades are commonly used with thin cuts, such as steaks, chicken, duck or fish.   A flavoring marinade is many times used with tender beef cuts for a short time - 15 minutes to 2 hours. A tenderizing marinade is used with less tender beef cuts - usually from the chuck, round, flank and skirt. A ... more info
Asian Style BBQ Sauce 2 Pack 20% OFF

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Asian Style BBQ Sauce 2 Pack 20% OFF

Model: 853551000056-2
Manufacturer: Jake's Famous Foods
Weight: 1.5lbs

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Details:Asian Style BBQ Sauce 2 Pack 20% OFF Asian Style BBQ Sauce 2 Pack 20% OFF        IN STOCK : Jake's Asian Styled BBQ Combination is grill ready....   This 2 Pack of Asian Style Inspired BBQ Sauces is designed for those who like a completely new and exciting experience. This is not your same old average sauce. This sauce is complex, full of flavors and delivers and rich spiciness that will not disappoint your ... more info
Details:Curry Shrimp Grill Recipe Curry is wonderful when marinated over fresh shrimp.   While traveling in India I learned that the Indians perfected three things. One of them was Curry Shrimp Grill . I've taken that Indian barbecue recipe and blended it with a hint of Jake's Santa Barbara Rub formerly Southwestern Rub. The result is a phenomenal curry shrimp grill that is bursting full of flavor. Follow the recipe below to create your version ... more info
Details:To Grill or Not To Grill What is the difference between grilling and barbecue?....   Barbecue in the United States has many regional styles, most notably, in the U.S. people generally consider barbecue to include only relatively indirect methods of cooking, with the more direct high-heat methods to be called grilling . The two most basic forms of cooking are charcoal and gas grilling. Charcoal utilizes shaped briquettes which are placed, ... more info
Details:How to keep food warm for transport When catering, one of the biggest issues we have is how to keep food warm during and after grilling or transporting. Especially if it has been grilled sometime earlier or in a different location from which it is served. This is a common problem many people face and so we'd thought we'd help shed some light on the different ways we've tried to do this. Try out two or three of the methods to keep food ... more info
Amazing Dry Rub Sample Packs

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Amazing Dry Rub Sample Packs

Model: 853551000550SP
Weight: 0.8lbs

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Details:BBQ Dry Rub for Sale Sample Packs BBQ Dry Rub Sample Packs Jake's Famous Dry Rub Sample Packs get you off to a great BBQ start.   How many times have you wanted to try a BBQ Dry Rub but were forced to buy the 5 oz, 12 oz or greater size only to find out that the product was not any good.  You were forced to pay hard earned money for a lot of hype and flash that did not deliver.  Well now all that has changed. ... more info
California Chicken Dry Rub 10 lb

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California Chicken Dry Rub 10 lb

Model: 853551000636BG10
Weight: 10.5lbs

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Details:California Chicken Dry Rub 10 Lb California Chicken Dry Rub 10 LB   California Chicken Dry Rub Blend in convenient easy to use never run out container.   This California Chicken Dry Rub  10 lb version is the perfect rub for all your Chicken, ribs and seasoned Chilean Sea Bass needs and will dramatically improve the flavor of your best Chilean Sea Bass recipes, Halibut, Snapper, shell fish, lobster and slow cooked ... more info
California Chicken Dry Rub for Sale 5 Oz

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California Chicken Dry Rub for Sale 5 Oz

Model: 853551000636
Weight: 0.8lbs

Price:   $6.29


Details:Jake's Famous California Chicken Dry Rub 5 Oz Jake's Famous California Chicken Dry Rub for sale   There's something very soothing and earthy about Chickens and the use of BBQ Rub for Chicken .  More people eat chicken more than just about any other dish in the world except of course if you're a vegetarian.  And when you eat as much chicken as we do in the US it can tend to get old.  Old in the sense of ... more info
Details:What Is Tri-Tip Roast? The Tri-Tip is often labeled the "Santa Maria steak". Although especially popular in California - it is now becoming to be better known in other states as well, and is thus increasing its popularity. Tri-Tip is a lean, boneless, economical cut of meat from the round and bottom sirloin of the cattle. It is great grilled, or marinated and then grilled.   In the United States, this cut was typically used ... more info
Details:Tri Tip, Honey Mustard Marinade Recipe Honey Mustard Marinade gives Tri Tip an even more original and Awesome flavor.   Ingredients: 1 Tri-Tip Roast   For Marinade 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup honey 1/2 cup Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon basil 1 teaspoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon parsley 2 tablespoon soy sauce   Mix all ingredients except roast in a pan and bring to boil. Lower heat to medium and cook about 10 minutes. Place Tri-Tip in ... more info
Details:Pork Rubs - Which Rub is Best For Your Pork Pork Rubs have been around for years and years. The first initial rubs consisted of simple sea salt and black pepper. Then later combined with ground and powdered garlic to enhance the flavor of the meat as well as entice the taste buds. A pork rub may or may not be designed specifically for pork meats. Many Pork rubs have the ability and versatility to be used on fish, chicken and a myriad of beef ... more info

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