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Memphis BBQ Sauce for Sale 2 Pack
Memphis BBQ Sauce for Sale 2 Pack
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Details: Memphis BBQ Sauce 2 Pack

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Jake's Famous Memphis bbq sauce for sale is the best bbq sauce for delivering awesome authentic Memphis style flavors to ribs, chicken and more and is the culmination of many months of travel and constant focus.  Living in California we knew that it was difficult to get a traditional Memphis Style barbecue sauce.  So, after weeks of planning we set out to create a true inspired Memphis bbq sauce.  We traveled to Memphis stopping and talking along the way with professionals in the trade and while there we learned what truly makes a Memphis Style BBQ Sauce great.  Memphis Style sauces are great because of the way they use their ingredients and even more so for their single minded focus on creating a truly great experience for their customers.  We can all get just about the same ingredients but what we can't all get is the secret bits and pieces that the most inspired creators have come up with.  Well folks we are here to tell you that we have cracked the code.  Through our association with Memphis pitmasters and sauce creators we have confirmed what is the traditional Memphis Style BBQ Sauce for ribs. While we'll keep the secret ingredients to ourselves what we will do is offer the best, authentic, inspired Memphis BBQ Sauce for sale West of Colorado. Although you may not be able to go to Memphis In May each year you can have our outstanding, inspired, traditional Memphis Style BBQ Sauce.  The bbq sauce is sweet and tart with subtle hints of celery seed, garlic, mustard, molasses and more. When you pair it with baby back ribs you get hints of Old Memphis combined with sparks of pepper and touches of molasses. 


While in Memphis we took in the sights and feasted on baby back rib creations by some very well know experts.  I particularly like the opportunity to share our California style baby back rib creations with chefs who have been making bbq for the past 40+ years.  We were able to test and examine the results when samples of our Memphis BBQ Sauce for baby back ribs was added to some common chef creations.  The results were phenomenal with some of the chefs actually raving at the flavors while others were concerned that we might have absconded with their secret formula.  Our Memphis bbq sauce for sale is made from pure hard work and a sharp ear for listening.  We are blessed to have some pretty great palates so when chefs talked with pride about their creations we listened very intently at the key items they felt typified the style and taste of Memphis.  Our hope is to travel back to Memphis often and present even more variations on our Old School Memphis BBQ Sauce for baby back ribs.  But for now we'll focus on creating and delivering the best bbq sauce for baby ribs we can make.  We are particularly fond of the pairings of mustard and celery as they almost give the sauce a reminiscence of the holidays right around what we call turkey time.  As a matter of fact when you're done using our Memphis bbq sauce for baby back ribs you can use it for your next holiday turkey. 



For those of you considering baby back ribs and who just don't have access to a grill no worries.  This Memphis BBQ Sauce for baby back ribs does absolute wonders in the oven.  Ribs will come out nice and moist with just the right amount of caramelizing.  The steps are simple and included here.  Just select your baby back ribs along with Jake's Famous Memphis BBQ Sauce and Jake's Memphis Blues Dry Rub.  To achieve maximum flavor it's a good idea to properly address your ribs.  Meaning the best ribs have the silver membrane removed from the curved side of the rib bones.  The best way to do this is after the ribs have been properly cleaned and patted dry take a paper towel and grasp an edge of the silver membrane starting at the top of the ribs.  By grasping an edge and pulling toward the other end of the meat you'll start to see the membrane separate from the meat.  The first few times you pull on the membrane it might appear slippery and may fold back, no matter keep pulling with increased force and the membrane will come off easily.  Some say that it's best to remove the membrane while it's cold I like doing it just after cleaning as the membrane is more pliable. Once the membrane is removed rub the ribs generously with the dry rub and wrap with foil.  Let the ribs rest in the foil for about an hour.  Set your oven to 350 degrees.  While the oven is reaching temperature set the ribs on the counter so that they come to room temperature.  Place the ribs in foil in a metal baking pan.  Cook for about two hours and remove from the oven.  Open just the top of the foil and lather on Jake's Famous Memphis BBQ Sauce for Baby Back Ribs covering both sides.  After the sauce is applied leave the ribs on the meat side up with the foil open.  Turn the oven to 400 degrees and cook for approximately 15 to 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  The additional heat will create a caramelizing effect on the top of the ribs.  Once done remove the ribs and cover allowing the ribs to rest for about 20 to 30 minutes.  Keep some extra Jake's Famous Memphis BBQ Sauce for baby back ribs on the side in a warm dish then serve and enjoy.  Additional pairings of coleslaw, corn on the cob and baked potatoes will really make this meal stand up. 



We will note that we are working on a video series in which we've created our very own BBQ Chuck Roast using the Snake Method on a Weber BBQ grill.  We think this Memphis bbq sauce for ribs would be a great pairing with Chuck Roast.  The production process and steps are easy to follow and we know this pairs well with beef and pork so look forward soon to our creating a video using our Memphis BBQ Sauce for Baby Back Ribs on Chuck Roast while using the Snake Method.  This Memphis Style BBQ Sauce just keeps on giving. 



Snake Method BBQ Ribs using Jake's BBQ Sauces



Our Best Memphis bbq sauce for sale has received numerous awards for originality and taste.  We recommend that you get your hands and your grill on this BBQ Sauce for baby back ribs by clicking add to Cart. 



Here's what people are saying about Jake's Memphis BBQ sauce for baby back ribs:


Phil Marlowe wrote: "Having traveled to Memphis many, many times for business with of course the diversion for BBQ I've had my fair share of Memphis BBQ Sauces, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Jake's this is definitely the good! Great flavor, wonderful taste makes this an exceptional sauce. I made Crockpot pulled pork following your recipe and it came out perfect. Thanks Jake for making another fine product. For those on the fence I recommend Jake's Memphis BBQ Sauce...."


Sherman Honline wrote: - "I buy many different types of BBQ Sauces but I must say I like Memphis the best. Jake’s sent me his latest creation and I've got to say, it fantastic. It’s wonderfully rich, and full of flavor with just the right balance of vinegar, molasses, mustard, garlic, onion and more. I use it on pork ribs, chicken and steaks. Great Job Jake."


Kendra K. wrote: Overall: "This is an exceptional product that every kitchen should have at least one of the Memphis BBQ Sauce especially With the holidays coming up soon, this would be a great stocking stuffer! This sauce is great! Now since I live in Texas I typically like some spicy BBQ sauce, but this sauce is perfect for the whole family! It is a sweet sauce, but is all natural, meaning no corn syrup, no preservatives, Gluten Free, MSG Free, and 0% Trans Fat. I used our sauce on BBQ chicken, smokey links, and even on meatloaf for a zesty alternative to ketchup or tomato sauce! It is a mild sauce, but it has a nice, sweet, garlic flavor. I don't normally like sweet sauce because it is too sweet, but Jake's Memphis BBQ is the perfect amount of spice and sweetness! It is such a versatile sauce I will be having to order some more soon!


Taz Seally wrote: "Rich flavored BBQ Sauce, no corn syrup, spreads nicely and doesn't burn off, penetrates the meat nicely, acts as a great marinade and is sold at a great price. This is all you need to know about the greatness of this sauce. Give this sauce special consideration and pick it up now, you won't go wrong".


Scott Roberts wrote: "Overall: Buy this stuff. It's the real deal, and it may become one of the 2 or 3 best barbecue sauces you've ever eaten (as it has with me." Yet another spicy food product that gets the "Scotty Highest Recommendation". Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]


Recommended Uses:Homemade Pulled Pork Barbecue Sauce recipes, BBQ Sauce and dry rub rib recipes, Memphis style homemade barbecue sauce recipes, pulled pork and beef ribs. 


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