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Chipotle Mayo 10 Oz
Chipotle Mayo 10 Oz
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Details: Chipotle Mayo Condiment Sauce

Chipotle Mayo Condiment Sauce

About two years ago we saw an opportunity to create a spicy complex Jakes Famous Chipotle Mayo condiment sauce mixture that was earthy and smoky and wound up being popular and cool. And this very cool mixture becomes an excellent spread for sandwiches and burgers, or a dip for fries, chips and vegetables. This blend takes standard mayonnaise and raises it to a whole new level one of spice and flavor. 

We've taken smoky adobo Chipotle and combined that with the purest of all natural mayonnaise, lime juice, green chilies, salts and more. This is an excellent spread for just about any dish you can dream up.

Jake's Famous Chipotle Mayocondiment sauce is complex and good tasting just when you want it to be. Our hard work in building this Chipotle Mayo recipe has paid off as it was awarded 1st Place in the Scovie awards for taste and quality. Our Chipotle Mayo does not use added chemicals, MSG or flavor enhancers. And once you've opened the bottle all there is, is pure and natural taste. And that's why we are thrilled to offer our Jake's Famous Chipotle Mayo condiment sauce.

What makes Jake's Chipotle Mayo different from other mayonnaise is the clean, smooth recipe with not sweeteners like Corn Syrup. And there's no awkward preservatives to get in the way of the taste just pure and natural Chipotle Mayo combined with whole egg mayonnaise, lime juice and hints of onion and black pepper.

And what make Chipotle Mayo different from Aioli?  Aioli can come in the forms of lemon pepper, harissa aioli or other.  Usually made from eggs, olive oil, garlic and kosher salt.  The primary difference is that Chipotle Mayo plus seasoning does not make an aioli as mayo and aioli are not the same.  Each starts out with egg yolks but separates at the point that garlic is added to the blend.  Also the process of blending each of the sauces differs in that aioli is blended slow while mayo can be blended faster but must be done so in a cool environment. The end result is both are fantastic when done right.  However Chipotle Mayo is more versatile and can be used on many more items than Aioli and so we focus on Chipotle Mayo. 


Here's what people are saying about Jake's Famous Chipotle Mayo. 


Barney Weaver wrote: "Recently bought the Chipotle Mayoanother fantastic product. Very rich and creamy, it pours nicely through the bottle and has a wonderful chipotle pepper flavor with onion and lime hints. Very nice, a great product for my fish tacos and sandwiches."

Sergio S. wrote: "I've got to say, it was wonderful, a smooth mayo with a rich chipotle flavor balanced perfectly with garlic, onion and lime juice. I used it on sandwiches, fish tacos, as a condiment at the table and with chips...great job..Jake."

Sammy L. wrote: "Got it, Get It, Good!"

Get the flavor and taste you deserve.


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