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BBQ Sauce Reviews Rated (5/5)
BBQ Sauce Reviews Rated (5/5)
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Details: BBQ Sauce Reviews Rated (5/5)

BBQ Sauce Reviews Rated (5/5)

Winner Rated (5/5) in the 2010 BBQ Sauce Reviews of the World's Best BBQ Sauce


The BBQ Sauce is an independent entity that takes anonymous submissions on BBQ Sauce products and provides full and completes scaled reviews. We've added a short recap of the review of one of our most highly sought after sauces below namely our Inferno BBQ Sauce.


"Whoa, this stuff is smokin hot. And it's been hot with the judges too, winning a Golden Chile award and numerous other industry accolades. It comes in my favorite form-factor the 16 oz wide mouth glass jar, it has a great, professional-looking label, and it tastes great too. It's got a strong natural vibe with a puree like consistency and an unfiltered habanero flavor - not watered down or masked by other flavors in the bottle (which could be a turn-off for more traditional garden-variety sauce lovers but I'm a fan). Ingredients are also great - Jake's does not include MSG, artificial sweeteners, gluten, or corn-syrup. "



Sweet, hot, and spicy. Again, habanero is the dominant flavor. Secondary flavor is a sweet BBQ sauce base (I bet their mild sauce is good too), and spices. Smoke flavor is listed but I didn't really taste that in here. Nor did I taste the vinegar, which is good for this kind of sauce.

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