About Us

About Us

Since 1981 Jake’s has been making all natural BBQ Sauces. Most people knew us as Jake's Barbeque Sauce and Seasonings Company a little company with a big heart and plans located in Irvine, California. In 2014 with branched out and joined a whole new set of partners and renamed ourselves Jake's Famous Foods. Our new goal is the same as our old goal which is continuing to create award winning all natural BBQ Sauces that make the barbecue experience easier and memorable for our customers. Our sauces have been awarded local, national and international awards but our real reason for doing what we do is the joy expressed by our customers.

Our mission is to provide you with the best Natural, MSG FREE, Gluten FREE and CHEMICAL FREE bbq products available. We are working to provide you with the best bbq expertise, practical advice, bbq information and customer experience through products made with natural ingredients and a website that focuses on You our customer. Our daily hope is to improve your experience with new and exciting information based on better ingredients that are healthier and more wholesome. In addition to our gluten and chemical free focus we are now focusing on dry rub seasonings that have reduced amounts of sugar and salt or are completely SUGAR FREE. We guarantee once you've had these products you will want them again and again. As one of our customers once said "it's hard to believe that quality products can taste this good", well they can and they do when you use Natural ingredients.

Jake's Famous Foods is an awesome group of passionate, experienced people working their hardest to ensure you have the best tasting bbq sauces, dry rub seasonings and condiments to make every eating moment the best. We are made better by our customers and their support.

Come in and Get our bbq sauces, dry rubs and condiments today.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us:


Jake's Famous Foods, LLC.

14252 Culver Drive Suite A-214

Irvine, California 92604

Email: jakesfamousfoods@gmail.com

Phone: 1+ 949-208-6185


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 Jake's Famous Foods, LLC
 Address :
 14252 Culver Drive Suite A-214,
 Irvine,  California -  92604  USA.
 Tel : 949-208-6185
 Fax : 775-264-4389

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