Rib Eye Steak Maple Bourbon Marinade Recipe

Rib Eye Steak Maple Bourbon Marinade Recipe

Rib Eye Steak Maple Bourbon Marinade Recipe

There's nothing like an incredibly juicy Rib Eye Steak.


We've taken our best Rib Eye Steak Recipe and combined that with our marinade process. Here's how you do it.


 1-3 Premiun Rib Eye Steaks
 1 Jake's Maple Bourbon Marinade
 Glass or Plastic Sealable Container

Place your steak into your mixing bowl and cover with Jake's Maple Bourbon Marinade. Allow the steak to marinate for at least four hours. Allowing this recipe to marinate over night in the fridge is even better. Then fire up the grill and invite family and friends over.


After marinating and just before placing on the grill for cooking remove steaks from container and hold aside.


Prepare Barbecue grill with charcoal. Start charcoal, let burn until all briquettes are ashed white. Prepare the grill by taking a paper towel or cloth and coating it with the olive oil. Rub the olive oil from the towel or cloth onto the grill plate coating each runner as much as possible. The olive oil helps season the barbecue grill and keeps the steaks from sticking during the cooking process.

TO GRILL: Prepare the barbecue grill to a very hot temperature. The hotter the grill, the more tender the beef. Place steaks on grill and allow them to cook halfway through. Searing the meat increases tenderness. Turn the meat with long-handled tongs (for easier handling and to prevent the loss of juices which occurs when meat is punctured with a fork) and finish grilling to degree of doneness desired.


An absolutely fabulous meal and delicious steak recipe crowd pleaser! 


Cooking Tips For
Filet Mignon, Strip Steaks and Ribeyes




Oven Broiler

1 inch


6 minutes
10 minutes

10 minutes
15 minutes

1½ inch


10-12 minutes
15-18 minutes

10 minutes
15 minutes

2 inches


15 minutes
20 minutes

30 minutes
40 minutes

* Listed above are total cooking times; obviously these estimates depend on heat of fire. Be sure to designate half of the time for either side.


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