Snake Method BBQ Ribs, Baby Back Ribs

Snake Method BBQ Ribs, Baby Back Ribs

Snake Method BBQ Ribs, Baby Back Ribs

Snake Method BBQ although new to many has actually been around for sometime. The Snake Method is fairly simple only requiring access to a standard Weber or general grill or any simple grill in which charcoal briquettes are the primary source of heat. Effectively, charcoal is laid out in a two row layer trailing around outer ring of the grill then a single row is layered on top of the bottom charcoal to complete the rows. Afterward smoking chips either, hickory, red oak, apple wood, pecan wood or other are laid on top of the those charcoal units such that when lit as the heat gradually moves down the rows of charcoal the chunks are burned at specific time depending on placement. If you want more smoke at the beginning of the cycle then more chunks are piled on the briquettes. If you want less smoke or you want it later in the cycle then similar steps are followed where the chunks are spread out across the charcoal.


The key to effective usage is managing heat along with a reasonable selection of the meat to be smoked. All meats can be smoked but time is the most important element in the process or at having an idea of how long a meat should be cooked or subjected to smoke.


In this BBQ Rib video we use our grill to smoke Baby Back Ribs. The process takes us just over 6 hours using the Snake Method. We walk you through the process also we give some insight into managing the cooking process and the results associated with grilling. Leaving meats too long on the grill or in too much smoke can produce toughness and bitterness. We show you a simple way to add back moisture to further tenderize the meat and to assist in the cooking process.


We also use our own products in the cooking process as well we discuss the addition of a spray necessary to keep the ribs moist and supple.


See our dry rub products here under our Dry Rub Section...also see our BBQ Sauces here under our BBQ Sauce section.


Snake Method BBQ Baby Back Ribs Video:



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Here's our video on setting up your Weber for the barbecue. If your Weber does not have an in unit thermometer then this option would help you gain control over the temperatures in your grill



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